Call of Duty: Warzone finally gets 120 fps mode on PS5 — here’s how to enable it

Call of Duty Warzone
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Call of Duty: Warzone can finally be played in 120 frames per second on PS5. This fps boost finally comes to Sony’s next-gen console around seven months after Xbox Series X players got access to it. 

Surprisingly publisher Activision didn’t formally announce this significant upgrade, and the inclusion of a 120 fps on PS5 was only discovered buried within the latest set of Call of Duty: Warzone patch notes. Nevertheless, the feature is now live and can be enabled by players on PS5 — provided they have an HDMI 2.1 cable and a 120 hz compatible television.  

In a multiplayer shooter like Warzone, fast reactions are everything. Even a moment of lag or a couple of dropped frames can lead to your elimination. Therefore, PlayStation gamers have been requesting 120 fps for months. So it’s good news that the Warzone development team has finally managed to get the option onto PS5. 

The reason it’s taken so long appears to be due to how the PS5 handles backwards compatibility. Call of Duty: Warzone is technically a PS4 game, there isn’t a native PS5 version. Developers of the multiplayer hit Rocket League have previously stated to Eurogamer that enabling 120 fps on PS5 “requires a full native port” while it’s just a “minor patch” on Xbox Series X due to the console’s smart delivery system. 

However, it seems the Warzone development team has found a suitable solution to the PS5’s limitations, which brings the version on Sony’s console up to parity with the one on Microsoft’s bulky black box. If you’re wondering how to enable Warzone's 120 fps mode on PS5 we’ve got all you need to know down below.

How to enable 120 fps in Call of Duty Warzone on PS5 

In order to enable 120 fps on Warzone on PS5, aside from a copy of the game and the console itself (check out our PS5 restock guide), you will need an HDMI 2.1 cable and a television/monitor that sports a 120Hz refresh rate. 

Once you’ve got all the equipment you need, head to the PS5 system settings. Go to the Screen and Video tab, then select Video Output, and from this submenu set Enable 120Hz Output to automatic.

PS5 enable 120 fps in warzone

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Now go back to the main settings menu and click Saved Data and Game/App Settings. In the Game Presets submenu ensure that Performance Mode is set to default.

PS5 enable 120 fps in warzone

(Image credit: Sony)

Once you’ve done all that next time you boot up Call of Duty; Warzone you will be able to play in 120 fps. Previously the game ran at 60 fps, so you should immediately notice the difference that a doubling of the framerate offers.

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