Bye, Zoom bombers! Zoom just got this huge security upgrade

Zoom security feature
(Image credit: Zoom)

Zoom-bombing is about to get a lot harder. Zoom is releasing two new security features that allow hosts to easily remove and report disruptive users. 

Zoom has become an essential tool during the pandemic, with millions of people using it to work from home and keep in touch with friends and family. But that popularity also put a spotlight on Zoom's security issues, like Zoom bombing

Zoom announced these new features in a blog post. With the new tool, "Suspend Participant Activities," hosts can temporarily pause their meeting, remove a Zoom bomber and notify the Trust and Safety team. To find this tool, click on the Security menu. 

When a meeting is suspended, all video, audio, chat, screen sharing, recording and breakout room activity will end.  The other new feature, "Report by Participants," gives meeting attendees the ability to report other users. Similarly, this is accessible under the Security badge. 

Both security tools can be accessed from the security icon and are available in version 5.4.3 of the Zoom desktop clients for Mac, PC and Linux, as well the mobile apps.

Additionally, Zoom created an "At-Risk Meeting Notifier," which scans public posts on social media sites for Zoom meeting links. If it finds a link and deems to be at risk of Zoom-bombing, Zoom emails the account owner and admins.

The new functionality follows other Zoom security and privacy updates, including the long-awaited end-to-end encryption, meeting passcode defaults and expanded two-factor authentication. Zoom has also been working hard at adding accessibility features, such as live captions.

Kelly Woo
Streaming Editor

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