Big PS5 news tipped for this week — and it could be Xbox Game Pass rival

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Update: Sony may be considering adding ads to free-to-play games on PS5 and PS4, according to a new report

All eyes should be on PlayStation this week as a prominent industry insider has claimed there could be as many as three big PS5 announcements in the coming days. 

Greg Miller, formerly of IGN and now Kinda Funny, posted on Twitter: “Looking like it might be a VERY interesting week for PlayStation if even one of the three rumors I’ve heard is true.” 

Miller went on to state that he will be delaying the recording of his popular PlayStation centric podcast, PS I Love You XOXO, in order to cover these potential announcements. This decision would certainly indicate that Miller has a lot of faith in his sources being accurate. 

PS5 Xbox Game Pass rival imminent?

Exactly what these rumors are is a mystery, but we do have a few clues that hint at what Sony could be planning to reveal in the coming days. For starters, last week it was reported by Bloomberg that PlayStation’s Xbox Game Pass rival could be officially announced this week. 

Codenamed Spartacus, the service will reportedly combine Sony’s existing subscription services PlayStation Now and PlayStation Plus. As reported by VentureBeat’s Jeff Grub, it will come in three separate tiers called “basic”, “extra” and “premium”. The top tier will give subscribers access to online features, free trials of PlayStation first-party exclusives and a library of games including titles from classic PlayStation systems such as the PS1, PS2, PS3 and even PSP.  

Spartacus has been rumored for several months now, and an imminent reveal would make sense considering its supposedly set to launch in Spring 2022. We can assume one of the three rumors that Miller is referring to is indeed the official unveiling of PlayStation’s new subscription service. However, the other two potential announcements are a little more hazy. 

God of War Ragnarok or State of Play 

There is a possibility that one could be linked to God of War Ragnarok. The sequel to 2018’s God of War reboot hasn’t been showcased since September last year, so we’re arguably overdue another look. Plus, a developer recently confirmed it's still on track to release in 2022. If the game is set to launch in the next nine months, it’s logical to assume that Sony will want to step up its marketing relatively soon. 

Perhaps the third announcement could be related to the next State of Play presentation. There have been two State of Play livestreams already in 2022, but both were dedicated exclusively to individual games. The first focused on Gran Turismo 7 and the second Hogwarts Legacy. A State of Play event covering multiple games may be in the pipeline and could be dated this week. 

Of course, all of the above is just speculation. Miller is a trusted source, but as he notes, he's heard three rumors and it’s not uncommon for rumors to ultimately fail to pan out. 

Even if Sony has just one sizable announcement this week, it will likely increase the demand for PS5 stock once again. The next-gen PlayStation console remains pretty tricky to track down even more than a year on from its launch. Make sure to check our PS5 restock hub if you’re currently trying to get your hands on a console. 

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