This PS5 in gleaming brass is simply stunning

Brass PS5
(Image credit: Matthew Perks - DIY Perks)

An influencer who rolls out DIY videos to help with your home projects has recreated the PS5 out of brass — and it looks astonishingly good.

YouTuber Matthew Perks, who goes under the moniker DIY Perks, assembled the custom PS5 unit by transforming a Digital Edition console, deftly recreating its curvature out of the golden-colored metal. Perks’ brassy Midas touch has transformed the regular PS5’s colorway into a glistening trophy of a machine: a sort-of sparkling monolith of a console, that swaps matte colors for brass.

There’s always the risk of erring into the garish with consoles like this, but Perks nails it, guiding us through the process, step-by-step, in the video.

To kick things off, a paper template was used to flex with the curves of the PS5’s exterior; then, once the pieces had been cut out, Perks attaches it to the brass and trims to size.

Most enthralling is the way Perks manually bends the brass pieces to mimic the rounded edges of the PS5, a process which he describes in the video as “taking ages to do accurately.” The unorthodox shape of the PS5’s faceplates and brass’s reluctance to bend made things more tricky. But Perks perseveres and, ultimately, finds a solution by adding heat via a blowtorch.

The whole video lays bare Perks’ exquisite craftsmanship, and it’s certainly no entry-level project. The final touches come in the form of USB ports and a custom-made brass power button. 

Since the release of Sony's next-gen console last year, PS5 customization has become a big business. This has come in the form of a huge desire for Black PS5 consoles through custom skin makers like dbrand, but also in the various mods we've seen.

Of course, if you did want to test your handicraft, perhaps the hardest task is actually getting a console with droves of people still asking where to buy a PS5 after this year's scalper scourge that has soured the release of Sony's console. 

If you do end up nabbing one, it's probably best to stick to the more user-friendly Darkplates from dbrand instead of Perks' brass glow-up — but we'll leave that one up to you.

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