Latest Battlefield 6 leak hints at a Warzone killer

Battlefield 6 reveal date leak
(Image credit: DICE)

A new Battlefield 6 leak has shed further light on the upcoming online shooter, including details about a battle royale mode. 

The sixth mainline entry in the popular Battlefield franchise was confirmed by EA during an earnings call last year, and earlier this month we heard rumors it will be officially unveiled in May. Battlefield 6 is also heavily speculated to feature a modern-day setting. 

This latest leak comes from a user on Reddit who claims to have inside information on the yet to be officially unveiled game. The biggest news in this leak is that the game will include a battle royale mode. 

This wouldn’t be the first time that DICE has experimented with a battle royale mode. Battlefield V received a battle royale mode called Firestorm as post-launch DLC, though it was delayed several times and struggled to gain any significant traction upon release.

It would hardly be surprising to see the Battlefield development team give a battle royale mode a second stab. After all, the series’ biggest competition, Call of Duty, has its own extremely popular variant, known as Warzone, so Battlefield will likely want to have its own take to offer competition. 

This leak also suggests that Battlefield 6 will include a game mode that supports up to 128 players (double Battlefield V’s 64 player count), will feature both small-scale and large-scale destruction, and will include such returning maps as Wake Island, Metro, and Locker.

Another big claim from this Reddit leaker is that Battlefield 6 will become a “hub” for previous Battlefield games, seemingly akin to Halo: The Master Chief Collection. Players will be able to boot up servers that are exclusively reserved for previous entries like Battlefield 1942 and Battlefield: Bad Company, or mix and match content from different games for the ultimate Battlefield experience. 

It's worth noting that a moderator for the Battlefield 6 subreddit has verified that the user in question supplied proof that they have a source who is “close to the game." This verification evidence has not been made public in order to maintain the leaker’s anonymity.

Of course, these are all just rumors and without official word they shouldn't be taken as confirmation. The "hub" part of the leak especially sounds very unlikely to us, as such a significant inclusion would surely merit its own standalone release rather than a tacked-on addition to Battlefield 6, not to mention mixing content from across games could create serious balancing issues. If the game really is set for a May reveal, we'll know the legitimacy of this latest leak in the coming months. 

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