Arcane season 2: Everything we know and all the latest news

Jinx (voiced by Ella Purnell), firing a rocket, in Arcane
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We can't wait to go back to Piltover and Zaun in Arcane season 2 — and see what's left of it, that is. We've just got to work on our patience, though, as the release date for Arcane season 2 isn't any time soon. Not that we have a firm date  — it's just that we've literally been told that we're gonna need to wait. More on that below.

But the tragic events of Arcane's first season have certainly changed things for sisters Vi (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld) and Powder (Ella Purnell). Heck, all of the folks who watched Arcane know that things changed so much that the above sentence isn't the whole truth anymore.

So, a brief spoiler warning for Arcane season 1! Beyond this point lie spoilers for that first season of this League of Legends-inspired series, which was a solid hit for Netflix and helped confirm its place as a trusted outlet for adapting video games. 

Arcane season 2 story — where did we leave off?

Caitlyn Kiramman (voiced by Katie Leung) looking down the barrel of a firearm, in Arcane

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What we know about Arcane season 2's potential plot is gleamed from Arcane season 1's ending. And with that, we have to worry about the potential death toll that could rise at the start of the new season. Arcane's cliffhanger finale saw Jinx (fka Powder) fire a rocket at the Council, endangering those inside — who were voting to give Zaun independence. (And that vote was going to pass.) 

Who knows who will die for Jinx's actions, but we're guessing any chance at her reuniting with her sister Vi is on hold for now. She did just watch as her sister fire that blast.

This all happened in the aftermath of Vi, Caitlyn and Ekko working to bring the Hextech to Piltover. Jinx took it from them, and Silco brought her to Signed. 

The Council's decision to possibly compromise with Silco was enough, though, to push Vi to leave. And even though Vi was supposed to work with Jayce to destroy Silco's whole base? Well, Jayce pulled out after a child was accidentally hurt. 

Vi (voiced by Hailee Steinfeld) in Arcane

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Jinx winds up in the above situation after feeling betrayed by everyone, pushing her to kidnap Vi, Caitlyn and Silco (who she winds up taking out). 

This sets up Jinx as being in serious trouble, even if the Council is somehow saved. The end of season 1 also saw much of the cast paired off: Viktor with Signed and Ekko with Heimerdinger. Similarly, Vi and Caitlyn are now some sort of team or ... couple?

Potential new characters to be added in Arcane season 2 include League character Orianna and Warwick, Singed's humanoid-wolf. Vander, who we haven't even mentioned above, could be involved with this. 

Arcane season 2 release date speculation

Jinx (voiced by Ella Purnell) looking at something in her hand, in Arcane

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I'm afraid I've got some bad news. While Arcane season 2 apparently went into production this past November, we're not to expect it this year. And, no, that's not us being pessimists.

Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent tweeted good and bad news: "you won’t have to wait for 6 years (the time it took us to making season 1)," and "it’s not coming in 2022."

Arcane season 2 confirmation video

Netflix released this small video — don't call it an Arcane season 2 trailer — to confirm that production had begun on Arcane's next chapter. In it, we hear Vi, Jinx and Caitlyn.

Arcane season 2 cast speculation

Jinx (voiced by Ella Purnell) in Arcane

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The Arcane season 2 cast will probably look pretty similar to the first season cast cast, though Silco's voice actor Jason Spisak may not be around much (save for potential flashbacks?).

And on top of that, there's no new casting news or rumors as of yet. So this means Arcane season 2's cast members begin with those whose voices can be heard in the above video:

  • Hailee Steinfeld as Vi
  • Ella Purnell as Powder aka Jinx
  • Katie Leung as Caitlyn

The rest of the likely returning cast is as follows (and we expect Brett Tucker to be added as Singed).

  • Kevin Alejandro as Jayce
  • Harry Lloyd as Viktor
  • Toks Olagundoye as Mel Medarda
  • J.B. Blank as Vander
  • Reed Shannon as Ekko
  • Mick Wingert as Heimerdinger
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