Apple will now let you repair your iPhone 15 and 15-inch MacBook Air yourself

All iPhone 15 models shown together.
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If you’ve got an iPhone 15 that’s already broken, and you don’t have AppleCare Plus to get it fixed on the cheap, you’re in luck. Apple has just expanded its self service repair program to include the iPhone 15 and a bunch of other recent hardware releases. Apple’s also expanding the program to new countries and has a new Diagnostics process for self repair in the United States.

Those new devices include the iPhone 15 series and Macs powered by the M2-series chips. They include the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros, the 15-inch MacBook Air, the Mac mini, Mac Pro and Mac Studio. This means it’s possible to purchase parts for all models on Apple’s Self-Service Repair Store, read repair manuals and buy or rent the tools necessary to get the job done.

The Apple Diagnostics for Self Service Repair is available today, and will be expanding to Europe next year. This tool is meant for experienced users, and is designed to give them the same capabilities as Apple’s Authorized Service Providers. In other words, the capability to test devices for optimal part functionality and identify which of those parts may need repairing. 

Considering Apple has long come under fire for locking certain diagnostic and repair tools behind proprietary software, this is certainly a good move. While Apple is still encouraging people to go to Apple repair technicians for repairs they can’t handle themselves, you’re not necessarily forced to do so. At the very least it means third party repair shops have access to more resources to get everything done for you.

Considering Apple has long come under fire for locking certain diagnostic and repair tools behind proprietary software, this is certainly a good move.

Of course a self-service Apple repair isn’t cheap. An iPhone 15 display, and the appropriate screws you’ll need, will cost you $267.96. You get $33.60 back for returning your old broken display for recycling, but that’s still a pretty hefty price to pay. Especially since this doesn’t account for the cost of tools, and the fact a 2 year AppleCare Plus plan for iPhone 15 is $149 — plus a $99 screen repair fee.

That doesn’t change the fact the ability to self repair can only ever be a good thing. It’s not a perfect system, but it sure as heck beats how things used to be. Back in the days when it was take your device to Apple, or risk voiding your warranty and potentially having replacement parts refuse to work — even if they’re genuine Apple components. 

You can buy parts, tools and access repair guides over on the Apple Self Service Repair store.

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