Apple Vision Pro 2 could come with this huge upgrade — should you skip the first gen headset?

Apple Vision Pro
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The one rule I’ve always followed when it comes to Apple is an easy one: always avoid the first generation. The first iPhone was great but only supported 2G networking, while the debut Apple Watch was so slow. 

It usually takes the Cupertino chums a generation or two to nail down all the fundamentals, and that could be the case with the impending release of Apple Vision Pro. That’s because according to The Elec, Apple is planning a big display upgrade for the second gen headset.

No word yet on the cheaper alternative to this $3,500 system beyond the leaks and rumors we’ve seen so far. But this is the first glimpse of what may be coming to Vision Pro 2, and if market research firm Omdia is to be believed, you’ll be waiting a while for it.

Let’s talk screens

Apple Vision Pro

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In the imminent Apple Vision Pro, Apple is using WOLED — a custom micro-OLED display that enables the super sharp resolution alongside all the deeply vivid color and contrast you expect from OLED technology. For it to work though, a color filter layer is needed, which can impact brightness.

In this new leak, Apple is reportedly looking at a move to RGD OLEDoS displays in Vision Pro 2. Yes, that’s a whole combo of letters, but to translate, this technology removes the need for a color filter altogether. That means a much brighter picture, and by extension, better battery life if you get accustomed to a certain brightness level that doesn’t require as much power.

Here’s the bad news

Well, I say bad news — the first Vision Pro isn’t even out yet (set to launch in February). But you’re going to be waiting a while for the Vision Pro 2, as reports point to this device not being on the annual upgrade cycle.

In fact, the wait is going to be three years, as Omdia points to a 2027 launch window. For a device that costs this much, that makes sense on paper. But going back to what I said above about a common rule of Apple products being to wait for the second generation for the company to work out the kinks, that’s quite a wait.

If you are someone with deep pockets and an itch to scratch around an Apple mixed-reality headset, this display upgrade is significant, but not really worth sitting on your hands for three years to get.

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