Apple likely filed trademarks for ‘xrProOS’ last week — here’s what we know

3D render of the Apple VR/AR headset
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We’ve heard rumors that Apple could be launching the upcoming VR/AR headset with software called “xrOS” — a bespoke Apple operating system designed for virtual, augmented and mixed reality software. And it’s possible that Apple has started trademarking a similar name ahead of the expected launch at WWDC 2023.

A Delaware-based shell company called Deep Dive LLC has been submitting trademarks for “xrProOS” in various countries around the world. May 18 saw the company submit trademark applications in Argentina, Turkey, the Philippines, New Zealand, Australia and the U.K. A trademark for xrOS was also filed in New Zealand earlier this month.

According to MacRumors, the very first xrProOS trademark was filed in Jamaica on April 27. The site notes that the country is usually the first pl;ace Apple applies for trademarks, since trademarks aren’t stored on a searchable online database. That means things can be kept secret for a little while longer, and Apple really likes to keep upcoming announcements under wraps.

It is likely that Apple is the company behind these filings, but it’s unclear what, if anything, xrProOS could be.

Apple xrproos logo stylized in Apple's SF Pro font

Apple xrProOS logo stylized in Apple's SF Pro font (Image credit: MacRumors)

So far rumors are pointing towards xrOS being the name of the software in question. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has said as much, and he’s typically right on the money with these sorts of insights — especially this close to a launch event. Plus the mention of “xrProOS” implies the existence of a non-Pro “xrOS” as well.

Some previous trademarks suggest that Apple could call its headset the “Reality Pro“ alongside potential options like the Reality One, Reality Processor, Optica and Deep Screen. Calling the software xrProOS may be tangibly related to that name.

xrProOs could be the “professional” version of the software, designed for enterprise and business use — rather than consumer experiences. Or, it could be that Apple doesn’t intend to release anything called xrProOS and these trademarks are just covering its bases. Apple doesn’t differentiate between business and personal use with its other products, and it would be strange to start doing that with a mixed reality headset instead of a Mac or an iPhone.

There’s no way to tell right now, and we’re going to need to wait until the WWDC keynote on June 5 before we’re likely to find out more about the headset and its software. Be sure to check out our Apple VR/AR headset hub for all the latest news and rumors, and out WWDC 2023 hub to find out more about what else Apple is likely to announce at the conference.

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