7 best new movies to watch on HBO Max, Netflix and more (Nov. 7-13)

(L to R) Florence Pugh as Alice and Harry Styles as Jack in Don't Worry Darling
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The best new movies to stream online this week offer something for everyone. First up, we've got big stars in a movie where they have to fight against their own gossip, as Don't Worry Darling is finally streaming.

We're not sure if it will get a spot on our list of the best HBO Max movies, but we're certainly going to boot up HBO Max to find out, as the Harry Styles acting experiment continues. If nothing else, director Olivia Wilde's previous movie Booksmart earned our trust to take this film for a spin. Oh, and we just can't ever say "no" to Florence Pugh.

Then, holiday movie season kicks off 10 days after Halloween, as Lindsey Lohan stars as an heiress dealing with amnesia. This one doesn't look like it will be one of the best movies on Netflix, but we will not be shocked when it shoots up the Netflix Top 10 chart.

Want something more kid-friendly? My Father's Dragon looks absolutely adorable. Also, October's end doesn't mean the end of horror releases, as indie scary movie hit Terrifier 2 is hitting video-on-demand later this week. And if you like documentaries, we've got three: one on Willie Mays, a true crime doc. about self-defense and a film about the decade that changed Black movies.

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Don't Worry Darling (HBO Max)

Don't Worry Darling is a movie that feels perfect for streaming. Arriving with a lot of drama about on-the-set and behind-the-scenes gossip surrounding director Olivia Wilde and star Harry Styles (not to mention the spit incident), this drama got a lot of attention. But, admittedly, it's also a film that nobody's quite sure about — and that goes beyond its mystery-box plot

Florence Pugh stars as Alice, who moves to a Stepford-level perfect community because of her husband Jack (Styles) who is working on some mysterious project. But the more closely Alice looks at the seams of her perfect life, the more things don't add up. Expect a big twist at the end, and a lot of conversation about if Styles should stick to singing.

Watch on HBO Max right now (released Monday, Nov. 7)

Say Hey, Willie Mays! (HBO Max)

It's never a bad day to talk about iconic baseball player Willie Mays. But HBO's pulled a clever move with the release of Say Hey, Willie Mays! right as the baseball season is over. This documentary looks to educate younger audiences on how Mays was a trailblazer in baseball, and how he changed the American conversation on race.

Mixing archival footage with new interviews, including ones with Mays himself, Say Hey, Willie Mays! looks like required viewing. It even appears to bring iconic moments to life by seemingly remastering game footage. 

Watch on HBO Max starting today (Tuesday, Nov. 8)

Falling for Christmas (Netflix)

Netflix knows it's not Thanksgiving yet, but it also knows that the holiday season audience doesn't really care about things like date or time. So, Lindsey Lohan's kicking off the Christmas movie releases with Falling for Christmas, where she plays Sierra, a hotel heiress who falls on hard times. Or rather, she falls off a cliff when her boyfriend was mid-proposal — and wakes up in a hospital with a spell of amnesia.

But Sierra doesn't wake up without her sense of entitlement and needy personality. So, when she's helped by Jake (Chord Overstreet), a widower with a young daughter, it looks like Sierra might get a bit of an attitude adjustment.

Watch it on Netflix starting Sunday (Nov. 6)

State of Alabama vs. Brittany Smith (Netflix)

Alabama's Stand Your Ground law is supposed to give people the ability to defened themselves when they're under attack. And the depressing case of the State of Alabama vs Brittany Smith looks to argue that it's one of the many laws that aren't truly available for the protection of everyone.

Trying to defend herself in her own home, Smith shot and killed her rapist. And then a judge rejected her use of the Stand Your Ground law in court. The judge also claimed that Smith tried to destroy evidence, and that her testimony didn't maatch other evidence. This documentary looks to clear things up.

Watch on Netflix starting Thursday (Nov. 10)

Is That Black Enough for You?!? (Netflix)

If you didn't know, Black cinema was changed forever by the years of 1968 to 1978. And even if you did know that, Is That Black Enough for You?!? looks to be the definitive guide to showing you why that was. Narrated by Elvis Mitchell, this documentary aims to show why the 1970's were so profoundly revolutionary.

Mitchell is joined by Charles Burnett, Samuel L. Jackson, Whoopi Goldberg, Laurence Fishburne and other icons of Black movies. It even brings in Zendaya, someone who grew up during a much different time for Black films. 

Watch on Netflix starting Friday (Nov. 11)

My Father's Dragon (Netflix)

Netflix's latest sure-fire family friendly animated movie looks a little different than its usual super-colored films. My Father's Dragon, which adapts Ruth Stiles Gannett's 1948 children's novel of the same name, actually looks like a picture-book come to life. Which is perfect for the story of Elmer Elevator (voiced by Jacob Tremblay), a runaway who looks to find a dragon. In case you were wondering, Elmer is the titular father, as the story is told by his unnamed daughter (voiced by Mary Kay Place). 

Of course, this being Netflix, My Father's Dragon also has a stellar cast, including Stranger Things' Gaten Matarazzo as Boris, the dragon that Elmer encounters. Whoopi Goldberg voices a cat, and the movie's cast of animals is filled out by the likes of Ian McShane as a gorilla, Dianne Wiest as Iris the Rhinoceros, Chris O'Dowd as Kwan the Macaque, Judy Greer as Soda the Whale and Alan Cumming as Cornelius the Crocodile. From Cartoon Saloon (The Secret of Kells, Song of the Sea, Wolfwalkers).

Watch it on Netflix starting Friday (Nov. 11)

Terrifier 2 (Digital)

While I truly believe horror is best seen in theaters, Terrifier 2's home release on digital media is important news — as it brings the successful independent movie to an even wider audience. It focuses on Art the Clown, a supernatural force of evil that has returned for more carnage, as he takes pleasure out of terrorizing his victims. This time, he targets Jonathan (Elliott Fullam), a kid who wants to dress up as Art for Halloween.

A "splatter" horror movie that is a true crowdfunding success (raising more than 430% of their goal, with around $250,000 on Indiegogo), Damien Leone's sequel is a delight for those who love blood and guts. Lauren LaVera, who plays Jonathan's sister Sierra, is getting a lot of critical praise for her performance, which makes the movie more than the sum of its gore.

Buy on Prime Video starting Friday (Nov. 11)

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