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Plank exercise: How long do you need to hold to work your abs?

Woman holding a plank exercise
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Love it or loathe it, the plank exercise seems to feature in most of the best ab workouts as an effective way to strengthen and stabilize your core muscles. On paper, a plank looks pretty easy — there’s no jumping, squatting, or lunging required, you just chill on your elbows, bracing your core. A plank is an isometric exercise, designed to strengthen during the stillness, as your body works against gravity to hold the pose. 

That said, anyone who has ever tried to hold a plank will know this move is far from a walk in a park. The World Record (opens in new tab)for holding a plank is a whopping nine hours and 30 minutes, but how long do you actually need to hold a plank to get results? (The good news is it’s nowhere near that long!) 

If you do hate planks, or find them too difficult right now, don't panic, this exercise is just as good as planks at sculpting your core and we've hand-picked the best ab exercises out there here.  

How long do you need to hold a plank to get results? 

According to research by professor and spine specialist Stuart McGill, Ph.D., you only need to hold a plank for 10 seconds to work the core and see results. While some personal trainers disagree, arguing that you should start at 10 seconds and try to build up to 60 seconds, McGill believes that holding three sets of 10-second planks is better for the average person’s back health. 

How to do a plank exercise with correct form

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How to do a plank with the correct form

Of course, as well as how long you hold for, your position during the plank is imperative for both the health of your spine and the results in your abs. In order to correctly get into the plank position, start in a press-up position, with your arms slightly wider than your shoulders and your body weight resting on your hands flat against the floor, or your forearms, depending on which variation you opt for. Think about creating a straight line from your heels to the crown of your head, engaging your core.

The common mistakes people make when holding a plank

The easiest way to spot if you’re planking incorrectly is to take a video of yourself in the position, and look out for the following mistakes: 

  • Your hips are too high
    If you’re raising your hips in the plank, you’re making the position easier by putting less strain on the core muscles. The same goes for dropping your hips too low to the ground. When you’re in the plank position, think about sucking your belly button in towards your spine, and engaging your glutes to keep your body in a straight line.  
  • You’re curving your spine
    To avoid putting too much pressure on your spine in the plank, keep your eyes focused on the ground to relax your neck. If you look forwards or upwards during a plank, your spine will no longer be in a neutral position. 
  • Your arms aren’t in the right position
    Remember, your shoulders should be stacked over your elbows. If your elbows are tucked too close to your body or are too far in front of your shoulders, you won’t be able to fully engage your core correctly.
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