Your iPhone has an underrated calling feature you're probably not using

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If you’re not sure why you’d want to put an iPhone call on hold, don’t worry. I wasn’t either. ‘Isn’t holding calls just something people did on landlines in 80s coming of age films?’ I thought, perhaps naively. ‘The kind of thing that only call centers actually do nowadays?’

As it turns out, no, and putting someone on hold on iPhone still very much has its uses. Admittedly, some of those have been usurped by the mute button, like stopping a caller hearing your end of the line. But if you need to call a friend while already talking to another one, to organize plans for example, simply sticking one on hold while you dial the other one separately (or even add them to the call) is super useful.

Anyone running their own business will naturally still appreciate call holding too, utilizing the function to deal with multiple customers or clients via their iPhone. 

But how do you do it? Before learning myself, I was familiar with putting someone on hold when given the option to do so — this happens when you receive a call while already on one — but had never known how to just stick someone on the back burner whenever I felt like it. As it happens, it’s surprisingly simple, so here’s how to put someone on hold on iPhone.

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How to put an iPhone call on hold

1. Open the Phone app and find a contact or dial a number.

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2. While on the call, hold the mute button to put the other caller on hold.

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3. Your call is now on hold, denoted by the "HOLD" text under the name or number of the other person. To add someone else to the call, tap the add call button and choose a contact or dial a number to add to the call. To start a separate call with the first one on hold, tap contacts and then choose a contact or dial a number.

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4. If you've started a separate call, the second one will appear underneath the first in the bar at the top. Tap the swap button to switch between calls.

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Now you know how to put someone on hold on iPhone. It's a feature that's been around for a while, but despite using iPhones for over a decade, I never knew about! Now that you have the power of call holding within your palm, remember to us it wisely. Going on a power trip and putting everyone on hold just because ends in arguments. Trust me.

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