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If you’re a college student searching through the back to school sales for a new laptop, monitor or desktop PC, then you’ll want to know how to get a Dell student discount in order to save even more money. 

Dell offers some of the best laptops and desktop computers around as well as a whole range of essential accessories including 4K monitors, keyboards and webcams. If you’re heading off to college you’ll want to ensure your tech is up to scratch to help your complete your assignments in record time, and that’s where a Dell student discount can really help you out.

Unlike some of its rivals Dell is fairly generous with its student discount, and securing yours is a relatively straightforward process. Check your eligibility using the guide below, and then just follow the steps in order to start saving on some of the best Dell laptops, monitors, PCs and more. 

Dell back to school sale: Disney Plus bundle for free @ Dell (opens in new tab)

Dell back to school sale: Disney Plus bundle for free @ Dell (opens in new tab)
Dell's back to school sale is available for students and non-students alike. Buy an eligible Dell laptop/monitor/desktop and you'll get 6 free months of the Disney Plus bundle. It includes Disney Plus, EPSN Plus, and Hulu. Select purchases (XPS/Alienware) will also get you 1 year of accidental damage protection and a wireless mouse for free.

Who is eligible for a Dell student discount?  

Dell’s pleasantly thorough FAQ (opens in new tab) outlines the eligibility criteria for its student discount as follows: “Any students over 16 years old at college and university level (vocational school included) are entitled for a student discount. All we require is that you provide us with your student email and a copy of your student I.D.”  

What is included in the Dell student discount?  

The Dell student discount entitles you to up to 25% off a whole range of Dell products from its official web store. In order to claim your discount, you will need a valid student discount coupon (see below on how to receive yours), and once this is obtained just enter the code at checkout to receive a student discount. 

The discount does not apply to all products, in particular, several Dell Series S monitors are excluded, and the size of the discount available differs based on the product selected as well. Generally, most items are at least 10% off with some being slashed as much as 25% with a valid student coupon. 

There is also a section of the Dell website that lists a range of Dell student deals currently available (opens in new tab), but these are fairly limited. (At the time of writing there are only three deals, and two are sold out). However, at least these are open to everybody even those who aren’t technically a student.  

How to claim your Dell student discount 

In order to score a Dell student discount, you need to submit your academic email address via this Dell Advantage for Students form (opens in new tab). Once you’ve done this your eligibility will be confirmed and you will then receive an exclusive coupon. Just be warned the coupon can only be used once, so make sure you’ve fully considered your purchase before making it.  

If you don’t have an academic email address or have any issues submitting your application, you can contact (opens in new tab) for more help and also submit alternative proof of your academic enrolment. 

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