This hidden iPhone feature makes your voice sound better on calls — try it now

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You might be wondering why you should enable Voice Isolation on iPhone — if you didn’t know, Voice Isolation is Apple’s noise reduction feature. After all, your iPhone is one of the best phones out there, meaning it has a good microphone. And if you’re using AirPods or another set of the best wireless headphones, they’ll have had equally as much money put into developing their mics. Isn’t that enough to ensure high sound quality on calls? 

Well, no. If you think about it: the more sensitive the microphone, the more sound it’s going to pick up, which includes ambient and background noise. Somewhat counterintuitively then, a better mic may potentially make your call worse. The quality of the audio signal might be higher, but your voice may be muted, overpowered or lost by other noises. This is why targeted noise reduction software is so important, and why Apple’s Voice Isolation feature will clear up your calls.

Voice Isolation on iOS 15 is a neat little feature that, when enabled, removes unwanted noise frequencies from a call, thereby isolating the sound of your voice to raise the audio quality of your conversation. Note that Voice Isolation currently works only for calls made over FaceTime, both video and audio only, but we hope Apple opens this feature up to regular calls.

Here’s how to enable Voice Isolation on iPhone.

How to enable Voice Isolation on iPhone

  •  Open the FaceTime app 
  •  Open Control Center 
  •  Tap the Microphone icon, then Voice Isolation 

Read on to see detailed instructions for each step.

1.  Open the FaceTime app — you don’t need to start a call. 

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2. Pull down from the top of the screen to open Control Center.

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3. Tap the microphone icon (top right), to open the Mic Mode settings, then select Voice Isolation

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4. Alternatively, select Wide Spectrum from the Mic Mode menu to allow your iPhone to pick up and prioritize background sounds.

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