Don't miss out! This high-end Shark robot vacuum is $250 off for Memorial Day

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Shark makes some of  the best vacuum cleaners we've tested. In addition to traditional and cordless models, the company has started releasing some fantastic robot vacuums. The Shark AI Ultra is one of the best options for the company, though it usually costs $599, which is quite expensive. 

For Memorial Day weekend, Amazon has the Shark AI Ultra Robot Vacuum on sale for only $349, which is $250 off. If you want a feature-packed automatic home cleaner that won't cost too much, the Shark AI Ultra is a good option as part of the Amazon Memorial Day sale.

Shark AI Ultra Voice Control Robot Vacuum: was $599 now $349 @ Amazon
Price Check: $599 @ Best Buy

Shark AI Ultra Voice Control Robot Vacuum: was $599 now $349 @ Amazon
Shark is a name known for making high-quality home cleaning devices. While the company may not be as popular in the robot vacuum space as a brand like iRobot, that doesn't make its products any worse. In the case of the AI Ultra, you get a robot vacuum with tons of features like powerful suction, Matrix Clean, and a 60-day self-emptying capacity. And it's $250 off for Memorial Day, which is a great deal.
Price Check:
$599 @ Best Buy

In terms of features, Shark really ticked all the boxes with the AI Ultra. For example, Matrix Clean means the robotic vacuum cleans in a precision matrix grid, taking multiple passes over dirt and debris for deep cleaning coverage throughout your home. 

The powerful Shark suction snags dirt and debris on all floor types with issue. The self-emptying vacuum's base can hold 60 days of dirt and debris, so you don't need to micromanage the vacuum.

This vacuum has a 4.2 rating from over 30,000 reviewers, so you know it's solid. On Best Buy's website, the score is even higher, with the vacuum having a 4.5 rating from more than 800 reviewers. The point is everyone who purchased this vacuum seemed to like it — even those who spent far more than the current sale price.

If you're new to the world of robot vacuums, check out our handy robot vacuum buying guide for all the top things you need to look for.

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