Wyze Cam v3 crashes below $20 in Amazon deal

Wyze Cam V3 installed on entryway
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The Wyze Cam v3 is one of the best security cameras we've tested. This little cube packs a ton of value; a sharp 1080p resolution with color night vision, local video storage, and hybrid IP65 rated body that can be placed inside or outdoors. Since it doesn't require a subscription to store video it saves you even more money over time compared to the rising costs of security camera subscriptions from big brands like Arlo and Ring.

Right now the Wyze Cam v3 is just $19 on Amazon. That's more than half off of its regular $42 sticker price. 

Wyze Cam v3: was $42 now $19 @ Amazon

Wyze Cam v3: was $42 now $19 @ Amazon
Wyze's security camera is easy to mount on any surface since it has a magnetic bottom that can effortlessly attach to corner beads on your wall or be drilled into brick. The wide 130 degree field of view captures all of the action while the 1080p recordings are crisp during the day and color night vision retains rich details at night. Yes it's wired, but this is the best inexpensive way to monitor your property.

Even without a subscription, the Wyze Cam v3 saves 14 days of video history. That's generous since Ring won't record video at all without a subscription. It is important to keep in mind that Wyze limits these free clips down to 12 seconds and places an artificial "cool down" period between each recording. The camera also has a microSD card slot which you can use to enable continuous recording and create time-lapse videos.

You can also use the Wyze app to set motion detection zones, alarms, and access event recordings. The camera has a loud 80-decibel siren built-in which is an effective deterrent to scare off thieves. Of course it could stand to benefit from a richer feature set like triggering smart home automations based on motion, however this is an incredible value for the price overall.

Hunter Fenollol
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  • rroscher
    Just hit my news feed today 2/26/24 and it is NOT on sale
  • alldubyas
    Same. Because would have snapped up 3. Wyze v3 is just fantastically superior to anything else in the budget security camera range. Blink and Ring cameras without a paid subscription are nothing more than really really expensive motion detector sensors you can live stream.

    Never understand how a security camera company was successful in selling security cameras that you can't set to record 24/7 for payback. "Events?" At best, 30 seconds of a motion event, then 10 second break from the action, then if still happening, continued 30 seconds, repeat until if like me, realize paying for a hobbled, unhelpful, expensive motion detector.

    When I grabbed first w3 on similar discount, I was jaded, still read up on it before, I even emailed Wyze support just wanting further confirmation that their offering actual supported what I had been seeking all along, dvr security camera without dvr install and setup, install, go and pay a monthly subscription to host my streams for mobile access. All I wanted. I know that subscription money is big profit when your subscription isn't offering much.

    After just being unhappy with Amazons offerings, but felt too invested in the infrastructure to justify big leap of replacing the house cameras, chime extender, door bell etc, $19 for one, for messing around with. Grab some time lapse of the garlic growing in back yard.

    This little camera knocked my socks off, not only because it is so great, but even when you place decent next to subpar, it's like waking up to a new world, where possibility and potential wasn't the iron bar draped around your neck, keeping you in the the rut of understanding, this was as good as it got. It sucks but this or nothing.

    Oh man, I should have tried to be a paid affiliate. As ring annual subs got close to expiring, replaced with a Wyze. It was like an advent calendar. I didn't even bother with the ring cameras, replaced all my most important views on property and garage first and I'm sure if an event or trigger occurred, the piddly clip from ring might help piece together the tapestry that the continuous feed from my wyze's cameras, video and audio. only thing I can say positively about ring, their original floodlamp camera was a tank. Thing felt indestructible in hand. Of course no option to replace the bulbs that burn out and outside that LMW buy a new one.

    Nah, went ahead got another W3 and gasp! 3rd party spotlight built to be used with it. Still quality going into 3rd year. Still read license plates, something my ring had never been able to.

    I was that new Christian, just found Jesus and wants everyone to know. I was on nextdoor, giving advice, going to peoples homes helping them install. It really was such a breath of fresh air.

    Because my first gamble had paid out so handsomely, all the more disappointing was when their other offerings failed to hold up to that pedestal I had placed them on.

    Quickly, OG cameras great, Pan V3? Stay away, hard and fast, you wish it could be what it trying to be but they can't get it right.
    Network routers? 6 or 6pro, NEVER as your primary, no way. Great hardware, absolutely no software, UI features, no ability to install wrt. Probably make some really expensive roided up repeaters but better stuff to waste money on. They sell a remote control car you can plop a w3 in. And that's where my router refund was in money going. One last dice roll on the company.

    I mean regarding their product innovation outside of the near perfect Wyze W3.

    I'll probably keep buying and replacing them as long as they stay cheap, subscription offers what should be boiler plate standard but guess not in this industry

    Ring trying to be your everything security service but not access to what's recorded on cameras you bought, connected to their service on Internet you pay for, not for any price. No thanks, never again