PS5 Pro could have ‘Enhanced’ label for games that use its full power

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PlayStation 4 Pro owners will remember that games with improvements to take advantage of the superior hardware would come with a “PS4 Pro Enhanced” badge on the box. This would indicate higher resolutions on compatible TVs or smoother frame rates on older HD models.

With the rumored upcoming PS5 Pro, it seems that Sony will be doing something similar. Insider Gaming not only claims that Sony is prepping a “PS5 Pro Enhanced” label, but reveals what games need to do to be eligible for one.

Known internally as “Trinity Enhanced,” Sony ideally wants qualifying games to offer three things, according to the site. The first is “constant 60fps” gameplay, which plenty of games offer now, but often only when set to a “Performance Mode” with weaker graphics.

That’s where the second and third points come in. To qualify for the PS5 Pro Enhanced status, games will apparently also need a 4K resolution (achieved by PSSR upscaling) and to “add or increase ray tracing effects.”

Alternatively, the site adds that the PS5 Pro Enhanced badge might also be granted for games that simply boost resolution (variable or fixed) or frame rate over the standard console. 

This alternative path to Enhanced status may be important for games that are already pushing the limits of console hardware. Based on previously leaked specifications, the hardware analysis site Digital Foundry is dubious that the upcoming GTA 6 will be able to reach 60fps on PS5 Pro hardware if the base version comes in at 30fps, for example. 

For Digital Foundry, the bottleneck from the leaked specs is the CPU, which is reportedly the same as found in the current PS5 only with a high-frequency mode to deliver 10% more clock speed. 

Elsewhere, the purported performance increases are more dramatic with a rumored 45% faster rendering, up to 4x the ray-tracing performance and memory speed boosted from 448GBs to 576GBs. 

Current reports point to a launch in the latter part of the year, with both September and November suggested as possible windows. 

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  • dehdstar
    I'd get it if it did 120FPS. I'm spoiled from PC gaming at 120FPS and 240FPS. The latter I use in competitive mulltiplay. It truly makes 60FPS feel like stop-motion lol Once you see the crystal clarity of motion @ 240FPS it really is even hard to go back to 120FPS for casual play. They should focus on this instead of 4K and just lock the consoles at 1440P. On an RTX 4080 I have to run 240FPS in most games at something like 1286p internal res/ resolution scale with a mixture of low, medium and high effects. The latency is also phenomenal at these speeds. I think console manufacturers just need to swallow the bullet and race to achieve the equivalent of what human eyes can see at any resolution and once there not have to worry about balancing resolution with frame rate and from there add resolution as tech allows it.