It just going to get a whole lot easier to invite people to multiplayer PS5 games — here's why

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Sony’s about to make it a heck of a lot easier to play PlayStation games with your friends online. At some point “in the coming months” Sony will be launching the option to create a sharable link and send it to friends — letting them jump into a multiplayer session with ease. You don’t even have to be friends on the PlayStation Network either.

These links can be generated on either your PS5 console, the PlayStation website or the PlayStation app and can be sent out through any messaging or social media platform. Anyone who opens the link, which appears to be accessible via a regular URL and a QR code, will be able to join a multiplayer session right away.

Essentially, this takes all the hassle out of sorting out a multiplayer gaming session — especially if it’s someone you’ve never played with before. At the very least it removes all the extra steps you’d go through after sending a “fancy a game of Call of Duty?” message to one of your friends. 

ps5 discord widget for joining multiplayer sessions

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For those of you already plugged into Discord, Sony’s developed a widget to share PS5 session invites through the service. This widget will refresh to show what your multiplayer status is, with the example image showing the game you’re playing, how many players are connected, and giving you the option for others to jump in.

Sony says this change is designed to complement current ways of joining gaming sessions, and will be available for every supported PS5 game. However some of those games may still need an update to ensure the new system works seamlessly

We don’t know exactly when the new session joining methods will be rolled out to gamers, other than Sony’s rather vague timeline of the "coming months”. And while this feature seems like the kind of thing that should have been released some time ago, it is better late than never. Here’s hoping it works as seamlessly as Sony seems to suggest.

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