Big PS5 event just confirmed for this week — Death Stranding 2, Silent Hill 2 and more expected

Death Stranding 2
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If leaks on X are to be believed, we now know many of the PS5 games that will be shown at the latest State of Play Event, which airs at 2pm PT/ 5pm ET/ 10pm GMT on January 31.

This all started when an X user called @Shepshal_Nick (thanks Insider Gaming), dropped a somewhat cryptic Tweet. Wait? Am I still allowed to call them those? Anyhoo, the X/Tweet in question had the following to say:

X user Rand_al_Thor_19 then went to town trying to Sherlock the ramblings above and how they could relate to the games you’ll likely be seeing at this week's latest State of the Play. The YouTube content creator's cunning detective work resulted in the following list of games:

  • Death Stranding 2
  • Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth
  • Judas
  • New Metro game
  • Rise of the Ronin
  • Silent Hill 2 
  • Sonic Generations Remaster

That's quite a lot to unpack, if true. Even more so, considering Sony has just announced that there will over 15 games during its 40 minute YouTube presentation. 

Death Stranding 2 and Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth are likely going to get the meatiest trailers if they do appear at the event. The former is obviously a big deal because Hideo Kojiama's post-apocalyptic postman game sold a heap of copies, while it's understandable there's so much excitement aimed at Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

After all, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake launched back in 2020, and four years of waiting has left Cloud fans drooling for what's likely going to be this sequel's final showing before it launches on February 29 this year. 

Rise of the Ronin also looks like it has real potential, especially if you're a fan of Ghost of Tushima

Rise of the Ronin also looks like it has real potential, especially if you're a fan of Ghost of Tushima. Developed by Team Ninja, the studio behind Soulslike Nioh, it's an open-world action-RPG set in 19th century Japan. As a Ronin with no master, the devs promise you'll be able to shape a dynamic story... probably while slicing and dicing your way through hundreds of bad guys. I'd bet my last buck the action will be stab-happy.

The Silent Hill 2 remake is even more of a known quantity, and this upcoming timed PS5 exclusive looks glorious, which should hardly be a shocker, seeing as it's built on Unreal Engine 5.

Considering it's been 23 years since I gave Pyramid Head a good seeing to, I'm looking forward to losing myself in Konami's psychological horror once more. It's comforting to know Bloober Team is on development duties, as the studio certainly knows how to deliver sophisticated scares in the likes of 2017's Observer and The Layers of Fear series.

It's Judas that is potentially the most intriguing prospect from this list of rumored games that may show up at the latest State of Play. Made by visionary developer Ken Levine and his new studio Ghost Story Games, this is the first title from the genius since 2013's wonderful BioShock Infinite.

Trippy, huh?

With flame hand powers, unhinged natives and murderous bots breaking apart all over the place, Judas definitely gives off big time BioShock vibes, which is obviously no bad thing. Levine has stated Judas takes further inspirations from the System Shock series, while Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor's excellent Nemesis system has also been given a shoutout as being an influence on Ted and his team.

It may not be quite as exciting as the prospect of seeing a proper Judas gameplay demo at the new State of Play, yet the announcement of a Sonic Generations redux would also be most welcome. 

This overlooked gem from 2011 cleverly flip flopped between the series' traditional 2D platforming and more modern 3D levels"

This overlooked gem from 2011 cleverly flip flopped between the series' traditional 2D platforming and more modern 3D levels. I've played the OG version on Xbox Series X at 4K/60 fps via back compat features, and the spiky hog's action still looks eye-arousing all these years after launch.

Sony has already announced the former Project EVE, now known as Stellar Blade, will be at the event, and hoo-boy does it look a whole lot like Bayonetta... minus that magnificent ponytail. The fights in this PS5 console exclusive certainly look exciting with the acrobatic lead kicking and shooting all manner of beasties around environments (that sometimes take place in space).

Even with those two confirmed and six rumored titles, that still keeps up guessing on what the remaining seven or more games could be. The Last of Us Part III! A new Ratchet! Horizon 3! Look, a dude can dream, can't he?

Anyway, with the State of Playing airing on Jan 31, you don't have to wait long to find out what other surprises Sony has in store for PlayStation fans.

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