‘Baby Reindeer’ has been knocked from Netflix No. 1 by a new comedy special — but it won’t stay there

Katt Williams in his stand-up comedy show Katt Williams: Woke Foke
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We can all agree that “Baby Reindeer” deserved to be No.1 on Netflix. It held that spot for quite some time, with the show earning a high score of 98% on Rotten Tomatoes due to its incredible performances and ability to convey serious themes. However, its victory soon came to an end when a stand-up comedy show knocked the thrilling drama off the podium. 

Now standing in its place is “Katt Williams: Woke Foke”, a comedy special that was live-streamed on Netflix. Since it aired on May 4, it hasn’t earned many positive reviews from audiences, which makes it rise to the No.1 spot even more confusing. 

Katt Williams is an American comedian and actor who has starred in movies such as “Friday After Next”, “First Sunday”, “Norbit”, and “Scary Movie 5”. He’s also hosted his own TV special named “Katt Williams: World War III” on Netflix, but that 2022 show didn’t receive much praise either. Now with “Woke Foke” entering the scene, it doesn’t seem like these comedy specials are really taking off. 

“Katt Williams: Woke Foke” centers on the comedian letting loose in real time as he leads his second event. He shows photos, jokes about celebrities we’ve heard of, and addresses some of the contemporary terms we use when determining social inequalities. However, judging by the disappointed audiences, this comedy special fell flat pretty quickly. 

Of course, everyone has their own opinion on what they deem funny. But a collective agreement from audiences around the world suggests that this comedy special isn’t worth an hour of your time. 

What audiences are saying about 'Katt Williams: Woke Foke' 

The lack of praise from viewers has given “Katt Williams: Woke Foke” an audience score of 35% on Rotten Tomatoes (as of May 7). Of course, the score is based on personal preferences and ratings, but it seems that people collectively agree this comedy special was a disappointment. 

There are comments such as “actually worst stand-up I have ever seen” mixed with “worst Katt Williams stand-up of his career. Didn’t laugh once. There was no point or direction. Just random incoherent streams of thought that didn’t go anywhere.”

Others believe Williams has “done much better” in his previous specials and movies, especially with how he’s presented comedy. “3% comedy, 95% lecture, 2% pictures and video up on a screen” seems to be another shared criticism among audiences. Williams chose to include photos in his show for more ‘wow’ power, but the distracting and random nature of the visual aid meant that people often felt lost when listening to him. Paired with a bunch of sound effects and musical cues, it just didn’t have the intended impact.

Although the majority of viewers are really not pleased, there are some people who enjoyed the show. The reviews include “very good stand-up, a lot of truth-telling and real-life events that were being spoken about” along with “Katt is back and better than ever. He wasted no time rehashing what he said earlier in the year and stuck by his stance as a truth teller.” 

You can stream “Katt Williams: Woke Foke” on Netflix if you want to give it a go, but it probably won’t stay in the No.1 spot for long. Otherwise, check out our guide on the top new movies to stream this week or the best shows to watch on Netflix and more.  

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