'Emily in Paris' season 4 release date, cast and more

Lily Collins and Lucas Bravo in Emily in Paris season 4
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Get your passport ready! "Emily in Paris" season 4 is just a few short, summery months away, and fresh new photos of Emily Cooper (Lily Collins), Mindy Chen (Ashley Park), Sylvie Grateau (Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu) and the rest of our France-set favorites have us trés excited about the upcoming new episodes. 

The last we saw of Emily and Co. in "Emily in Paris" season 3 (spoilers ahead!), they were reeling after Gabriel's (Lucas Bravo) and Camille's (Camille Razat) engagement party turned into a surprise wedding that, in an even bigger surprise, ended up not actually happening, as the French couple split up at the altar. And the shocks didn't end there, with Gabriel telling Emily that, though they clearly have feelings for each other, things will be extra complicated between them now that Camille is pregnant with his child. Dramatique! 

And it looks like Ms. Cooper won't just be busy with relationship drama in the new season — she'll also have quite a packed travel schedule, according to those new Netflix photos, which see our heroine exploring the French Alps as well as other European destinations like Rome. "Expect new characters, a lot more drama, romance, and a whole new language to try and master," creator Darren Star told Tudum. Let's dig into all of it — here's everything you need to know about "Emily in Paris" season 4. 

'Emily in Paris' season 4 release date

Like fellow Netflix hits such as "Bridgerton," "Stranger Things" and "You," season 4 of "Emily in Paris" will be released in two parts. The first five episodes will hit the streaming platform on Thursday, August 15, and the final five installments will follow nearly a month later on Thursday, September 12. 

'Emily in Paris' season 4 trailers and teasers

The full-length trailer for "Emily in Paris" season 4 dropped on July 22 and it's packed with juicy teasers. It's clear that the love triangle between Gabriel (Lucas Bravo) and Alfie (Lucien Laviscount) is still intact, though Emily and Alfie's break-up is throwing a wrench in Agence Grateau's business. Plus, Mindy is preparing to dazzle on the Eurovision stage — if she can get the funds. 

Emily in Paris: Season 4 Part 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube Emily in Paris: Season 4 Part 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube
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Previously, the cast also offered up a short teaser of what to expect in "Emily in Paris" season 4. 

Tasked with describing the fourth season in only three words, co-stars Lily Collins, Lucien Laviscount and Camille Razat offered up "vulnerable," "heartbreaking" and "messy." Bruno Gouery, who plays Luc, and William Abadie, who portrays Antoine Lambert, responded with some European flair, adding "bellissa" and "amour," respectively. 

But it was Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, seemingly in character as Emily's tough boss Sylvie, who stood out most during the minute-long clip with her one-word answer: "Revenge!"

Emily in Paris: Season 4 | Official Announcement | Netflix - YouTube Emily in Paris: Season 4 | Official Announcement | Netflix - YouTube
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And in an announcement video released by Netflix last year, Lily Collins offered up a bit more intel: "What I can tell you is that we have more fun, more fashion and, of course, more drama for you all. Emily is going to have to decide if everything she's ever wanted is really what she needs." 

"And while Emily's heart will always remain true to Paris, her life takes some unexpected twists this season," the actress added. "Don't be surprised to find her on a Roman holiday!"

Emily in Paris | Season 4 Announcement | Netflix - YouTube Emily in Paris | Season 4 Announcement | Netflix - YouTube
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'Emily in Paris' season 4 cast

Arnaud Binard as Laurent, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Sylvie Grateau in Emily in Paris

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The cast of "Emily in Paris" season 4 hasn't yet been confirmed, but given the name of the series, we'd put money down that Lily Collins will be back as our eponymous marketing manager, Emily Cooper. 

And per those early stills from Netflix, fans can also expect to see the return of other main cast members, including Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu as Emily's boss Sylvie Grateau, as well as co-workers Samuel Arnold as Julien and Bruno Gouery as Luc. (And speaking of Sylvie, William Abadie will also return as her former lover slash client, Laurent Grateau.)

Outside of the Agence Grateau cohort, the main players of Emily's friend group are also set to return, including Ashley Park as Mindy, Camille Razat as Camille, Lucien Laviscount as Alfie and Lucas Bravo as Gabriel. 

'Emily in Paris' season 4 plot

Ashley Park as Mindy, Lily Collins as Emily in Emily in Paris

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With that big baby news no doubt adding some tension going into season 4, Darren Starr gave a teaser on what fans can expect from Emily and Gabriel's relationship in the new episodes. The show creator told Deadline: "They are star-crossed lovers, they really are. And I think that a big question to think about the next season is, Emily didn’t come to Paris for romance, she came for a job, and I think they’re both in a different, more mature place in their lives, Emily and Gabriel, and definitely a more complicated place.”

And as for how the duo will be coexisting with Emily's friend and Gabriel's baby mama Camille in the new season, Star said: "They are all involved in each other’s lives, they are friends, they work together. They’re all very much tied together. But I just think there were some big unforeseen complications here, especially for Emily. And perhaps Emily-Gabriel is not meant to be, at least in the immediate future." 

While the overall theme for season 3 was "about making choices," Star told the outlet that season 4 "is about how to balance business and toxic relationships, because that’s going to be happening with a lot of our characters." 

But that doesn't mean there won't be room for some fun: case in point, it seems like "Emily in Paris" season 4 will definitely see Mindy at Eurovision. "Our plan is to go to Eurovision next season, we’re all set up for it. And I think we’ve got a deserving song,” he told Deadline. “I love that song, 'Mon Soleil', I think it would be definitely a worthy entry.”

Tom's Guide will keep you posted on all things "Emily in Paris" season 4, but in the meantime, you can rewatch the drama's first three seasons on Netflix. 

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