Florence Pugh shares a first look at MCU’s ‘Thunderbolts’ movie

Florence Pugh as Yelena in Hawkeye
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Actress Florence Pugh took a break from starring in Marvel's upcoming "Thunderbolts" movie to give fans a sneak peek at the movie.

Pugh took to Instagram on Wednesday with a cheeky look at what to expect from the film, which is expected to follow an ensemble cast suiting up as a team of antiheroes that tackle missions for the American government.

Her clip began with a quick look at the actress walking outside a sound stage before opening the door to what appeared to be her dressing room on set.

“I know I’ve dropped off for a little bit, but that’s partially because I was whisked off to Atlanta to shoot a movie that I’m not really supposed to talk about," she said in the video.

"But I can show you things, sneakily, as long as you don’t tell anyone...I can show you a sneak peek of the set. They’re shooting. I’ll be quiet now," she said before being interrupted by director Jake Schreier.

"I don't even think you're supposed to be doing this," Schreier tells her before Pugh adds jokingly, "Someone is going to come rugby tackle me."

Pugh is set to reprise her role as Yelena Belova, who first showed up in 2021's "Black Widow" and later appeared in the TV show "Hawkeye."

Clad in her new costume throughout the entirety of the video, she gave the camera a veritable eyeful of what Belova's costume will look like in "Thunderbolts" as she gave a wide view of her outfit and the set in general.

Though she was open to showing fans a quick look at the "Thunderbolts" set, however, she didn't end up revealing too much, beyond the director and what appeared to be an editor working at a three-monitor station.

Pugh ended the video after showing off the director's chair emblazoned with a "Thunderbolts" logo and motioning toward what appeared to be a scene with herself on one of the computer monitors seen prior.

The 36th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is being helmed by Schreier and is  written by Eric Pearson, Lee Sung Jin, and Joanna Calo. Alongside Pugh's Belova, "Thunderbolts" will also include cast members Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov, Wyatt Russell as John Walker, Julia Louis-Dreyfus as Valentina Allegra de Fontaine and Harrison Ford as President Thaddeus Ross. "Thunderbolts" is set to arrive in theaters on December 20, 2024. 

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