First look at new 'Superman' has made me even more excited for James Gunn's DC reboot

David Corenswet as the new Superman
(Image credit: James Gunn)

Superman has always been one of my favorite superheroes in the DC universe. His pure strength and invulnerability made the movies that much more fun, with Henry Cavill playing the character perfectly in “Man of Steel”. When I heard the news that Cavill was no longer fit for the role due to a younger Superman being preferable, I strayed away from DC for a while.

Back in January 2023, James Gunn and Peter Safran announced a new “Superman” movie (originally titled “Superman: Legacy”) that will step away from Henry Cavill’s depiction of the character. Instead, another actor has assumed the role, along with a huge cast playing characters like Hawkgirl and of course, Lois Lane. Hearing this actually sparked my excitement for “Superman” again, but seeing the new photo has raised my expectations for the reboot coming next year.  

Now, it’s time for everyone to get excited about the new “Superman” movie because we finally have our first look at the beloved superhero. Gunn took to Instagram on May 6 with a look at David Corenswet in the classic suit. We can see him pulling on his shoe in an effortless pose as he sits in front of a vibrant background. The suit itself seems more worn down compared to Cavill’s in “Man of Steel”, which was smooth and pristine. A new suit that represents the battles Superman goes through adds to the movie’s realism (as real as a superhero fantasy can be). 

Gunn captioned the photo with only a few words: “Get ready. #Superman. 7.11.25.” Although we only have one photo, the caption seems to hint at more reveals in the coming months. Whether that be more photos or even a short teaser revealing Corenswet’s Superman in action.  We could even learn more about the first 10 movies and shows in Gunn's DCU

Get your hopes up for 'Superman'

It might be a bold statement for some, but there’s nothing wrong with having hope. The entertainment industry hasn’t seen much success from DC lately, so “Superman” could fly in and save the day. Gunn hinted in a Rolling Stone interview that the “Superman” movie opens the first chapter in his new DC, and it will be different in tone from the comic book movies he’s made in the last few years. 

David Corenswet is mostly known for his roles in “The Politician” and “Hollywood”, two shows that are far different from the superhero genre. He also starred in the horror movie “Pearl” and is set to play a character in the upcoming disaster movie “Twisters”. There’s no doubt that he can play Superman since Gunn clearly chose him for a reason. 

Other cast members in “Superman” include Rachel Brosnahan as Lois Lane, Nicholas Hoult as Lex Luther, María Gabriela de Faría as the Engineer, Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, and Nathan Fillion as Guy Gardner.

As for the actual plot of “Superman”, it remains unknown and will probably stay like that until we get a teaser trailer. However, I did notice that Gunn’s photo on Instagram could hold a hint about what to expect in the upcoming DC reboot. If you take a closer look at the background, you’ll see a strange ray of light above the city. The purple-pink laser closely resembles Brainiac, a very intelligent humanoid who will stop at nothing to gain power and knowledge.

Another potential villain could be Solaris, who appears in the comic All-Star Superman (something that Gunn has taken inspiration from). He is a recurring nemesis in the DC universe who wants to destroy the beloved superhero. Right now, the cast list doesn’t seem to have anyone playing a villain, so we can only wait. 

Even though we have one photo to think about, it’s still something. I’m even more excited for the “Superman” reboot, not only for the interesting casting but for the potential Corenswet’s superhero holds. Sadly this movie won’t come to the big screen for another fourteen months, but you can watch the DC movies in order while you wait or check out our guide on the top 100 superhero movies.

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