LG C2 OLED hits lowest price ever before Black Friday — and it’s our top OLED TV

LG C2 OLED TV with deal tag
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Every year around Black Friday, the interest around the latest LG C-Series OLED TV increases ten-fold. That's because despite being an incredible, award-winning TV,  they typically aren't very affordable at launch.

But that all changes with Black Friday deals now in full swing. 

Right now the LG C2 55-inch OLED 4K TV is just $1,296 at Amazon. The online retailer has sliced a huge $500 off one of the best TVs of the year and easily the best OLED TV of 2022. If you still haven't got your hands on one, this is absolutely the time to spring for one.

LG C2 48" OLED 4K TV: $1,196$1,046 @ Amazon

LG C2 48" OLED 4K TV: $1,196 $1,046 @ Amazon
The excellent LG C2 OLED TV is on sale at its lowest price ever. While this is the smaller 48-inch size, it's still an incredible deal on the TV that sits at the top of our guide to the best TVs of 2022. 

LG C2 55" OLED 4K TV: $1,795$1,296 @ Amazon

LG C2 55" OLED 4K TV: $1,795 $1,296 @ Amazon
The excellent LG C2 OLED TV is more than $500 off in this epic TV deal at Amazon. This stunning television combines exceptional picture-quality with a slick design. It's also ideal for gamers with a 120Hz refresh rate and offers all easy access to all the streaming services you could need. This Amazon discount drops the LG C2 OLED TV to its lowest ever price. 

LG C2 77" OLED 4K TV: $3,999$2,496 @ Amazon

LG C2 77" OLED 4K TV: $3,999 $2,496 @ Amazon
Want a bigger screen? The huge 77" LG C2 OLED is $2,496 at Amazon right now – or over at Walmart for $50 less.

LG C2 48" OLED 4K TV: £1,499£1,099 @ Amazon UK

LG C2 48" OLED 4K TV: £1,499 £1,099 @ Amazon UK
If you're shopping in the U.K., you can grab the 48" LG C2 OLED for £1,099 at Amazon UK right now. Don't miss this epic deal.

What makes the LG C2 OLED so great? Well, it delivers in every aspect, from picture quality to design to special features.

As we said in our five-star LG C2 OLED review, this OLED TV offers everything we want to see from a premium OLED TV — an svelte style, exceptional performance, a fantastic smart TV platform and more are all pretty much perfect.

Gamers will especially dig the LG C2 as it managed a lag time of just 12.9 milliseconds in our tests, which is about as low as you can get from a TV like this. And the TV has a refresh rate of 120Hz with four HDMI 2.1 inputs that work with the Xbox Series X and PS5, so you'll be able to keep up with the action no problem.

The only reason not to buy one? There's currently no ATSC 3.0 tuner built-in, though that would be something you could fix by attaching a separate tuner with the latest and greatest broadcast standard. Overall, that's not the biggest issue in the world, and shouldn't turn you off from one of the most recommended TVs of the year.

Hungry for more savings? Our Black Friday deals live blog is up and running early to help you track all the best sales right now.

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