Hurry! Amazon's 55-inch Omni Series Fire TV is 45% off in the Winter Sale

Amazon Fire TV Omni Series
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The holiday season might be nearly over but there is still time to grab a bargain in one of the many seasonal sales. Amazon has a range of products, including its own devices with up to 50% off in its own Winter Sale.

Right now the Amazon Fire TV 55-inch Omni Series smart TV was $549 now $299 at Amazon. It’s $250 off its usual price, making it a great deal for a smart TV complete with Amazon's Alexa for hands-off use. 

Amazon Fire TV 55-inch Omni Series smart TV: was $549 now $299 @ Amazon

Amazon Fire TV 55-inch Omni Series smart TV: was $549 now $299 @ Amazon
The Amazon Fire TV 55-inch Omni Series smart TV is the smaller brother of the full-featured massive 65-inch and 75-inch models. Despite its smaller size it still packs an impressive amount of technology including hands-free use with Alexa built-in. Normally priced at $549 it is $299 on Amazon for its Winter Sale. 

Amazon's Omni series of 4K TVs offer hands-free TV with Alexa, high-resolution display, and comes with six months free MGM+. The Smart TV also comes with all the Alexa skills on the Echo devices.

It doesn't come with the Dolby Vision present in the 65" and 75" versions but is still complete with 4K Ultra HD, HDR 10, and bright, vibrant colors. It is easy to use and will be familiar to anyone who has used a Fire TV stick or Alexa device.

The Omni series, with its advanced features and larger screen sizes will offer shoppers a great opportunity to step up to a better overall TV while still getting that same Alexa infused Fire TV smart experience.

The 65-inch model is currently available with 38% off, was $759 now $469 and the 75-inch model was $1049 now $729

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