Holy smokes! Asus ROG Ally is $150 cheaper than Steam Deck OLED right now

Asus ROG Ally
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Cyber Monday may be over for another year, but there are still some excellent gaming deals to be scooped up in the aftermath. Like the one we've just spotted on one of the best gaming handheld devices of the year. And we're not talking about the Steam Deck OLED or the PlayStation Portal.

Right now, you can get $200 off the base model Asus ROG Ally with Ryzen Z1 at Best Buy. Meanwhile, the fully-loaded model with Ryzen Z1 Extreme chipset is down by $100 to $599. If you’ve been looking into picking up a handheld gaming system, then this discount on an excellent device is hard to pass up.

Asus ROG Ally (Ryzen Z1): was $599 now $399 @ Best Buy

Asus ROG Ally (Ryzen Z1): was $599 now $399 @ Best Buy
Perfect playing AAA games with lower graphics settings, the Ryzen Z1 inside the lower-priced Asus ROG Ally is a good PC gaming handheld for most people. It packs Windows 11 for compatibility with all your gaming libraries — from Xbox Game Pass to Steam.

Asus ROG Ally (Ryzen Z1 Extreme): was $699 now $599 @ Best Buy

Asus ROG Ally (Ryzen Z1 Extreme): was $699 now $599 @ Best Buy
This is the one we’d personally recommend. The Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor has much more power potential to play the latest and greatest games with incredible detail and smooth frame rates on that 7-inch 1080p panel with 120Hz refresh rate.

In our Asus ROG Ally review, we were very impressed by the gnarly aesthetic and comfortable design that make gaming sessions on the go a joy to behold. The 7-inch 1080p display boasts a 120Hz refresh rate and the power of the AMD Ryzen Z1 APU holds up when playing a variety of titles.

Because the Ally runs Windows 11, it'll work with all your gaming catalogs and streaming services. It doesn't matter whether you prefer Steam or Xbox Game Pass; this device can handle both with ease. On the other side of the coin, navigating the desktop OS on this little beauty can get a bit finicky. That's probably why Asus has the good sense to build an easy-to-use touchscreen version of its Armoury Crate app that doubles as a game launcher. 

Elsewhere, the 16GB LPDDR5 RAM is great for complex games with dense levels of multitasking, and you can store plenty of titles on that 512GB SSD (expandable with the microSD card slot). If you’re keen to get into PC gaming, but don’t want to give up that console-esque experience, this ROG Ally deal is a must-buy while it's still available.

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