Google is adding Gemini to Messages on Android — giving you a new way to chat with AI

Google Gemini
(Image credit: Google Gemini)

Google is bringing its Gemini artificial intelligence chatbot to the Google Messages app on Android, making it easier to communicate with the AI. 

The new feature will be in beta and only available in English when it first launches, providing users the ability to communicate with the AI in the same place they chat with humans.

According to Google you’ll be able to use Gemini to draft messages, brainstorm ideas, plan events or just have a fun conversation without leaving the app.

How will Gemini in Messages work?

Google seems to be putting Gemini in everything it can. Recently it was revealed Gemini was being added to smart headphones, it is also available as an app and replacement for Assistant.

Users with Gemini Advanced subscription can use it to draft documents in Docs, analyze data in Sheets or create compelling images for presentations in Slides.

Adding it to Messages is a great way for users to engage and interact with the AI and use it to improve the way they communicate. 

What can I do with Gemini in Messages?

Google Gemini Advanced

(Image credit: Google)

You will be able to use Gemini in Messages to craft the perfect and pithy response in a group chat, come up with a fun joke to send to your friends or just shoot the breeze with an AI buddy.

It will work in a similar way to Gemini in Gmail, allowing users to run ideas past the AI first before sending them on. You could even use it to re-write your responses to ensure they are grammatically accurate or change the tone to be more professional.

This is just the latest in a line of Google products to get Gemini integration. Last week Google revealed it was using Gemini to power a new Help me write feature in Chrome.

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