7 AI image prompts to try on Adobe Firefly

Adobe Firefly generated image
(Image credit: Adobe Firefly)

Artificial intelligence image generators are powerful tools, capable of turning a simple idea into a work of art, a photograph or even a technical drawing — but you still need that first spark.

That is where Prompt_Jitsu comes into play. In the latest edition of my prompt sharing guide I’ve pulled together seven prompts to try out on Adobe’s AI image generator Firefly.

This series is inspired by the floppy discs you’d get attached to computer magazines in the 80s and early 90s with demos or links in the 2000s to fun websites to view.

All the prompts below would also work on other AI image generators such as FreePik, Leonardo, MidJourney, DALL-E or Google ImageFX.

Coming up with prompt ideas

All the prompts are along the same theme — mythical technology — and written in such a way that you should get slightly different output each time you try. I also picked a theme rather than seven random image ideas so it feels like one universe.

For each image I set the aspect ratio to widescreen, content type to photo and left visual intensity in the middle. I didn't use any effects.

1. Steampunk airship

(Image: © Adobe Firefly)

First up we need a means of transportation, a way to get to our mythical, technological paradise and so we’re starting with a prompt that should give you some form of ornate airship.

The prompt: “A majestic steampunk airship powered by a fearsome dragon's fiery breath, soaring through a sky filled with floating islands and ancient ruins, as gears and clockwork mechanisms whir and click within its brass-plated hull, digital art.”

2. Knights of Excalibur

(Image: © Adobe Firefly)

We need a protector to keep us safe from the creatures that lurk in the dark. Why not create something that is part light-saber, part Medieval sword. I want one!

The prompt: “A sleek, futuristic Excalibur sword with a glowing neon blue blade and high-tech augmentations, held aloft by a battle-worn cyborg Knight of the Round Table, standing amidst the wreckage of a fallen techno-kingdom, digital art.”

3. Trojan Horse

(Image: © Adobe Firefly)

We’ve arrived at the gates of the mythical city but we need a way in. Lets hide inside this mechanical horse and prepare for battle — but make sure the sword is turned off first.

The prompt: “The legendary Trojan Horse reimagined as a colossal mech warrior, its gleaming titanium body adorned with intricate Greek designs, infiltrating a city of advanced AI beings in a dystopian future, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, digital art.”

4. Medusa

(Image: © Adobe Firefly)

Lets give Medusa a new look. We can’t have a mythical world without the snake haired gorgon watching over us but we need to ensure she fits the techno remit. I’ve found Adobe Firefly suffers something of an uncanny valley with faces.

The prompt: “The serpentine Medusa with a cybernetic snake headdress and glowing green eyes, turning her enemies to stone with a high-tech gaze in a Greco-Roman inspired sci-fi setting, as holographic screens and ancient pillars surround her, digital art.”

5. Thor-ever

(Image: © Adobe Firefly)

This is not you’re MCU Thor. From deep in Norse mythology and laden down with technology our Thor should have a hammer cracking with energy — but I think Adobe Firefly forgot to add it into the picture it generated for me. Try the prompt to see if you get Mjollnir.

The prompt: “The mighty Norse god Thor wielding a lightning-infused hammer crackling with energy, battling an army of towering robotic frost giants in a neo-futuristic Asgard, with gleaming skyscrapers and hovering vehicles in the background, digital art.”

6. Flying serpent

(Image: © Adobe Firefly)

How well will Adobe Firefly handle the combination of snake and technology? For some reason it made it a giant, seemingly bigger than surrounding buildings. 

The prompt: “An awe-inspiring Aztec-inspired flying serpent, its metallic scales covered in iridescent solar panels and emitting ethereal energy, soaring gracefully over the vine-entangled ruins of an ancient advanced civilization, with pyramids and high-tech glyphs below, digital art.”

7. Mermaid cyborg

(Image: © Adobe Firefly)

This is no Ariel. Our mermaid is a cyborg with shimmering glow and tail that can control the flow of the tides. What I don’t know is how she stops from rusting. What did Firefly give you?

The prompt: “A sultry mermaid cyborg with a shimmering bioluminescent tail and a trident that controls the tides, emerging from the depths of a neon-lit, underwater cyberpunk city, as sleek, bio-engineered sea creatures dart through the vibrant, technology-infused coral reefs, digital art.”

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