Toshiba Tecra A9: Gets the Job Done

The Tecra A9’s straightforward design is aimed squarely at the business customer.

It’s clear the Tecra A9 was designed to be “no nonsense, all business.” The elements are organized logically. Colorwise, black and matte silver-gray dominate.

The lid of the Tecra A9 is large—like the rest of the machine.

Toshiba is bucking the trend of making devices appear small by working the design elements. In fact, the Tecra A9 looks pretty big. The display frame has a lot to do with this—it could have been much slimmer. On the plus side, though, there’s room for large hand rests.

The Tecra A9 doesn’t try to hide its size.

On the front edge of the notebook are six status lights—there aren’t many other lights anywhere on the unit. The hotkeys for the Windows Mobility Center and the Toshiba Assist Application are the only function keys. Like the rest of the design, the approach here is straightforward and simple.

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