Beat the summer heat with these 7 cooling mattress deals – prices starting from $179

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Struggle to sleep in hot weather? A cooling mattress can help keep you chilled overnight, so you're refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready for summer fun. Don't wait for the next heatwave to get shopping; I've rounded up seven epic cooling mattress deals, including 30% off the Casper Snow Max Hybrid at Casper.

This isn't the only best mattress deal I've spotted to help you keep your cool this summer. The Zinus Ultra Cooling Memory Foam mattress is just $279 for a queen at Walmart, or if you like a high-tech approach to sleep, the new Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra is $100 off at Eight Sleep. This smart bed is great for those who suffer from night sweats or hot flashes. Other excellent savings come from Purple, Birch, Tempur-Pedic, and more of the best cooling mattresses.

We're seeing a lot of excellent deals right now thanks to the Memorial Day mattress sales. Memorial Day is pretty much the last major sale day before temperatures start rocketing for most of us, so now is the best time to shop. Here are my top cooling mattress choices...

1. Casper Snow Max mattress: $3,125

1. Casper Snow Max mattress: from $3,125 $2,185 at Casper
Casper has recently rejuvenated its mattress line, replacing our former favorite cooling mattress – the Casper Wave Hybrid Snow – with the Casper Snow Max mattress. While we haven't had a chance to test this bed, if it can live up to its predecessor, you can expect some comfortable nights ahead. There's a huge 30% off the Casper Snow Max hybrid mattress in the Casper Memorial Day sale, with a queen down to $2,620 (was $3,745). 

2. Zinus Ultra Cooling Green Tea mattress:

2. Zinus Ultra Cooling Green Tea mattress: from $179 at Walmart
The Zinus Ultra Cooling Green Tea mattress won't offer the icy-chill sleep of other beds on this list, but it's an excellent choice if you want cooling on a budget. There's up to 45% off the Zinus Ultra Cooling Green Tea mattress at Zinus, but the best deal comes courtesy of Walmart. A queen is now just $279, and while you won't get the sizing options or mattress trial of buying direct from Zinus, the price is exceptional.

3. Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra: $4,049

3. Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra: from $4,049 $3,949 at Eight Sleep
The most innovative cooling mattress doesn't actually contain a mattress – the Eight Sleep Pod 4 Ultra is a combination of smart cooling mattress cover and smart cooling base, and together they offer you in-depth sleep tracking and fine-tuned temperature adjustments. Recently released, the Pod 4 Ultra has an introductory offer of $100 off. Eight Sleep rarely offers bigger discounts that this.

4. Purple Mattress: $999

4. Purple Mattress: from $999 $899 at Purple
Sitting just beneath the surface of the Purple mattress is the geometric GelFlex Grid that gives the Purple impressive breathability for a cooler night's sleep – learn more about how it works in our Purple Original Mattress review. There's $100 off the Purple right now, and while I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a bigger saving closer to Memorial Day, I wouldn't count on it. 

5. Birch Natural Mattress: $1,373.80

5. Birch Natural Mattress: from $1,373.80 $1,030.30 at Birch Living
Made using certified organic materials, and with GOTS and GREENGUARD Gold Certification, the Birch Natural Mattress is a cooling choice for eco-conscious sleepers after the best organic mattress. We gave the temperature regulation full marks in our Birch Natural Mattress review. The standard Birch 20% off sale has been boosted for Memorial Day, with 25% off sitewide and two free pillows with each mattress. Birch typically only offers this saving around major sale days, so we might be waiting for the next holiday to see it again.

6. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-LUXEbreeze: $4,999

6. Tempur-Pedic Tempur-LUXEbreeze: from $4,999 $3,499 at Tempur-Pedic Sale
One of the best mattresses for very hot sleepers, the 2023 TEMPUR-breeze collection is currently in a huge closeout sale. There's 30% off the LUXEbreeze Firm and Soft, as well as the PRObreeze Medium Hybrid. And for an extra cherry on top, you'll also get $300 of eligible accessories for free. The only downside is you lose out on the mattress trial (closeout beds aren't eligible for return). 

7. Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid Mattress: $2,099

7. Leesa Legend Chill Hybrid Mattress: from $2,099 $1,574 at Leesa
The best hybrid mattresses are naturally breathable, as the open coils used in the build facilitate air flow. Leesa has maximized this in-built temperature regulation by using two layers of coils and adding phase change material to draw away heat. For Memorial Day, Leesa is offering a step-up from its usual 20% discount, with 25% off the Legend Chill Hybrid taking a queen down to $1,874. You'll also get two free pillows with your purchase.

Are cooling mattresses worth the money?

Cooling mattresses can be expensive, as they use specialist materials and clever builds to prevent the bed from holding onto heat. And now that the best smart beds and mattresses are getting into the cooling game, there are even pricier options available for those who prefer to stay chill at night. But are they worth it?

The body naturally cools at night, which is why heat is an enemy of sleep. A cooling mattress keeps the temperature in the bed even, so you can sleep soundly during a heatwave. If you're missing out on rest due to overheating, a cooling mattress might be worth the cost. But if you're on a very tight budget, consider a cooling mattress topper instead – there's a few in our best mattress topper guide.

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