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Forget iPhone and Galaxy: This Is the All-Screen Phone You Want

Let's face facts about the iPhone X. It número uno claim to fame—”It’s all screen” says Apple—is false. Obviously, this thing has a sizeable notch on the top and bezels all around.


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The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Note 9 are not full-screen phones either. Their alleged “infinite displays” has a prominent forehead and chin. But, if the leaked renders for the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 are real, that will change very soon.

Xiaomi—a high quality Chinese phone brand that, like everyone else, has been copying Apple’s design language since its very beginning—will probably announce the new Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 on September 15. The alleged leaked render published by Android Pure match recent photos and diagrams supposedly leaked in Chinese forums.

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These images show a phone that truly feels like a piece of hardware from 2001: A Space Odyssey, a clean, flat design with a monolithic screen that covers its front almost entirely. If true, these photos show that Xiaomi Mi Mix 3’s almost totally bezel-less design will probably be the first A-list phone to come close to the “infinite display” and “it’s all screen” claim. The Vivo Nex S is the only Android phone that can also claim that, but it’s not a worldwide brand.

Credit: Slashleaks

(Image credit: Slashleaks)

Like the Vivo Nex S, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 is supposed to have fingerprint recognition behind the screen, a feat that neither Samsung nor Apple have been able to achieve.

The flagship phone, which is supposed to come with the latest and greatest Snapdragon CPU, will probably include a pop-up selfie camera, something that the Vivo Nex introduced and other smaller manufacturers are quickly adopting. No surprise there, knowing that these cameras seem to be working great so far and most people don’t go around taking selfies every single minute of their lives unless your last name is Kardashian.

My only complaint: it looks way too big for my taste. Will Xiaomi release a smaller version, a pure glorious glass-and-metal sandwich with a true full screen and all the bells and whistles but that could easily fit in a pair of jeans? We will learn more about it next month. Till then, one can dream.

Jesus Diaz

Jesus Diaz founded the new Sploid for Gawker Media after seven years working at Gizmodo, where he helmed the lost-in-a-bar iPhone 4 story and wrote old angry man rants, among other things. He's a creative director, screenwriter, and producer at The Magic Sauce, and currently writes for Fast Company and Tom's Guide.

  • androidfixation
    The notch IS NOT APPLE'S DESIGN, Samsung patented the notch design back in 2015 awarded to them in early 2016.
  • ladyhenry1
    Looks like a nice phone but I don't think I would by any Chinese phone. Heard some bad things about them
  • kaffeguy
    I've heard positive reviews about the phone and the brand. Some company has equipped their employees with the laptops and they work very well with the company programs. The camera on the phone I would rate as good, not excellent like Apple's or Samsung's Galaxy S8 or S9.
  • lsatenstein
    You could have mentioned the price. Is it affordable, when compared to the other two?

    Is it repairable?
  • thegentlebenbear
    These Chinese phones have been banned from US agencies because they like sending your data to Chinese government servers. But hey... All screen!
  • jesusdiaz
    @ANDROIDFIXATION While that may be true (I never heard of it) the truth is that almost every flagship and not-flagship phone out there looks like an iPhone X clone, not a Samsung S8/S9 clone. The notch has clearly being established as Apple's visual "trademark."
  • jesusdiaz
    @LADYHENRY1 If a phone is being sold by a US carrier, you don't have anything to fear. If you import them, then there are phones that don't support all the necessary wireless bands needed to operate in the US or Europe with maximum coverage. As long as you keep that in mind, and the phone has repair service in your country, you are fine.
  • jesusdiaz
    @KAFFEGUY I have read great reviews about most Xiaomi products. It's definitely an A-List brand when it comes to electronics. The only bad thing is that their reliability ratings for *some* products are slightly lower than other brands.
  • jesusdiaz
    @LSATENSTEIN We don't know the price yet, but we know that their flagships have been historically lower price than the Apple/Samsung counterparts. We will see in September. It seems likely that Xiaomi will officially come to the US this year

    But right now you can only import them.
  • jesusdiaz
    @THEGENTLEBENBEAR As far as I know, only Huawei and ZTE have been banning from being used in Federal agencies

    I haven't heard of any connections between the Chinese government and other phone companies.

    But if you are worried about your privacy and governments snooping on you, look closer