You Can Finally Text While Getting a Haircut

Twitter's much-maligned new timeline is here, but don't freak out -- it's not as bad as you think. Also, LG has teased a big new feature coming to the G5, and you just have to see this bizarre new salon cape that lets you text away while getting a haircut. Here's what's trending in tech.

iCape Lets You Stay Glued to Your Phone During Haircuts

Let's face it -- even if you have a really awesome stylist or barber, there have probably been plenty of times where you wished you could fiddle with your phone during a haircut. The folks behind iCape aim to make that possible with their unique salon cape, which features a convenient see-through window that lets you send texts or browse the web without exposing your hands. There's even a hole for your headphones, should you need to take a crucial call or just want to drown out your chatty barber with some music.

Leaked LG G5 Teaser Shows Always-On Display

With just weeks to go until Mobile World Congress, LG has teased a key feature coming to its upcoming G5 smartphone. According to a leaked promo shot obtained by Android Authority, the LG G5 will sport an always-on display, a feature Samsung's Galaxy S7 is also expected to sport. An improved display likely won't be the only key upgrade coming to the G5, which is rumored to feature a modular design that would let users swap batteries and add extra components in a snap.

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Twitter's New Timeline is Here -- But You Don't Have to Keep It

Twitter's controversial new timeline algorithm has arrived, but don't freak out and bust out the #RIPTwitter hashtags just yet. The social network's "improved timeline" prioritizes tweets from people and brands that Twitter thinks you care about most, a change that many users worried would ruin the real-time nature that makes Twitter unique. Fortunately, the new feature is completely optional, so those who received the revamped timeline can simply opt out in Twitter's settings menu and go back to consuming all of the real-time tweets they can handle.

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Apple Music Finally Lands on Sonos

After a few months in beta, Apple Music has officially joined the list of apps you can jam out to on your Sonos speakers. You can access your Apple Music library from right within the Sonos app, which lets you conveniently browse songs from all of your connected music apps at once. This adds yet another cool feature to Sonos' line of speakers, including the excellent Play 5.

Car-Soccer Indie Hit Rocket League Slams Into Xbox One Next Week

Rocket League became a national obsession when it launched last year on PC and PS4, delivering an inviting yet endlessly deep soccer-with-cars experience that became one of our favorite games of 2015. If you're an Xbox One owner suffering from serious Rocket-envy, fret not -- the wacky sports game is finally coming to Microsoft's console on Feb. 17 for $20. To make the wait worth it, developer Psyonix is throwing in Xbox-exclusive items inspired by Halo, Gears of War and Sunset Overdrive.

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