Why T-Mobile Is the Worst Choice for iPhone Pre-Orders

Want a new iPhone on T-Mobile's network? Get ready to make some serious down payments.

Mandatory down payments on the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max will have you forking over from $279.99 to as much as $729.99 toward the purchase of Apple's new flagships. To be fair, T-Mobile has always required down payments on their pricier phones, but this time around the down payments could price some customers out of T-Mobile.

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Ultimately, your iPhone will cost the same as if you bought it elsewhere — the iPhone Xs costs $999, while the Xs Max starts at $1,099 — but the price of admission is now higher than ever. The down payments run the gamut as follows. Each payment is then followed by a $30/month payment plan over the next 24 months:

Down payments for the pricier iPhone Xs Max come with an even bigger down payments sticker shock.

Fortunately, there's a little relief. The Uncarrier Network announced that it's taking up to $300 off the cost of a new iPhone when you trade in your old iPhone. Even better, any iPhone in good working condition will get at least a $100 trade-in value. The credits are dispersed over 24 months when you buy your new phone on an installment plan.

iPhone XS/XS Max
iPhone XS/XS Max
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