How to Switch Between the LG G6's Rear Camera Lenses

If one camera is good, then two must be better. And as found out when reviewing the LG G6, that’s certainly the case with that phone’s dual rear cameras.

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LG’s latest phone has two, 13-megapixel camera lenses on the back to deliver the promised superior photography. TA standard angle lens captures content at a 71-degree angle while the wide-angle lens captures images at 125 degrees.

The G6 gives you control over which camera you’re use. Here’s how to identify which lens is which, and how to switch between them.

1. Launch the Camera app. You’ll see two icons on the camera interface. (In this case, they’ll be on the right, as the camera is in portrait mode.) One features one tree, the other has three.

2. Select the single-tree icon to use the standard lens.

3. Select the triple-tree icon to take a picture with the wide-angle lens.

The two cameras produce different results. When Sam Rutherford of Tom’s Guide reviewed the G6, he took this shot of the New York skyline at sunset with the phone’s standard lens.

Now compare that to this second shot, captured by the wide-angle lens on the G6.

It’s a more expansive view that makes the wide-angle mode ideal for landscapes and other shots where you want the widest possible view. The standard lens is better in low-light situations and for capturing more details. Still, you’ll want to experiment with the cameras on your own to see which shots are most appealing to you.

Photo Credits: Sam Rutherford/Tom’s Guide

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