LG G6 vs iPhone 7 Plus: LG Wins Camera Shootout

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Credit: Samuel Rutherford/Tom's GuideCredit: Samuel Rutherford/Tom's Guide

The LG G6 stands out because of its big 5.7-inch screen crammed into a small body, but you shouldn't ignore its formidable dual cameras. LG packed two 13-megapixel rear shooters into the G6, one with a 125-degree, wide-angle lens, and the other with a standard angle lens.

Although the unit we've been testing is not a final production device, the G6's camera has impressed so far. But how does it stack up to the iPhone 7 Plus and its dual 12-MP cameras (one wide-angle, one telephoto)? We took both cameras out and tested them in different locations and lighting conditions, using a tripod to keep both phones still. For our side-by-side comparisons, just drag the line dividing the two photos to get a better sense of what the LG G6 and iPhone 7 Plus cameras can do. Here are the results.

LG Wide Angle

The 125-degree lens on the G6 Plus produces dramatic results. The 125-degree lens on the G6 Plus produces dramatic results. First, it's important to point out the unique talents of each camera. The LG G6's wide-angle lens can produce striking images that provide a lot more context. It can also help create great stunning panoramas, although we noticed some circular distortion at the edges.

iPhone 7 Plus - 2x Zoom

The iPhone 7 Plus' 2x optical zoom is very convenient.The iPhone 7 Plus' 2x optical zoom is very convenient.
While the G6 can get in pretty close, only the iPhone has a dedicated software button that gives you a true 2x optical zoom. With the G6, you can toggle between wide and standard angles, but you have to pinch-to-zoom in further or use the slider on the right.

Lego Man

Next, we took a trip to the Lego Store on 5th Avenue in New York City. In this portrait of a Lego man in a top hat, the iPhone 7 delivered much more realistic colors, even though they look a bit on the pale side. The G6’s shot offers much more vibrant colors — the yellow face turns to gold and the green structure behind him turns from sage to more of a pea soup.

The G6’s image isn’t bad, it’s just not what we saw with the naked eye.

Winner: iPhone 7 Plus

Bowl of Fruit

In this case, the G6’s penchant for warmer colors resulted in a better overall photo. The greens and reds in the apples pop more, while the iPhone 7’s image looks cooler and a bit blown out. The only advantage the iPhone 7 Plus has here is that the photo is sharper, especially when we zoomed in.

Winner: LG G6

Flat Iron Building

The G6 really pulls ahead with this shot. The Flat Iron building has a lot more detail in it. The same thing goes for the walkway in Madison Square Park; you can see the lines, while they’re almost blurred out on the iPhone. Plus the brighter colored stone on the building simply looks more pleasant.

Winner: LG G6

Low Light

In an indoor hallway with very little light both the G6 and iPhone 7 Plus managed to produce a fairly bright image. However, the camera on the LG captured the white in the sign accurately, and it looks more yellow in the iPhone’s photo. When I zoomed in, the letters on the sign in the G6’s shot also looked sharper, whereas they vibrated a bit on the iPhone.

Winner: LG G6


A multi-tier wood sculpture wrapped in a a fine-chain linked fence and topped with a gold-leafed shackle, the Big Bling sculpture in Madison Square Park is quite the sight. It looks like a larger-than-life mammoth, and the iPhone 7 Plus does a better job capturing all of its intricacies. We also noticed that the patch of grass in front looked too green and had less detail than on the G6, while it was easier to make out blades of grass on the iPhone's shot.

However, the colors in the G6's shot look more attractive. The grass looks a deeper green, and the blue in the sky pops more.

Winner: Draw


The G6 in auto mode seemed to smooth out all my wrinkles, but the result is an image that looks more processed and a bit blurry. The iPhone 7 Plus’ front camera does a better job of capturing my stubble and gray hair (for better or for worse). It just looks more real.

Winner: iPhone 7 Plus

Empire State Building

The G6 comes out swinging in this round with a shot that simply looks sharper when you look at the details in the buildings, especially the windows. The G6's shot also has brighter and slightly more saturated colors; the buildings have more of a cream hue on the LG's image, while they take on a more sepia tone in the iPhone's shot.

Winner: LG G6

Full Zoom

When we zoomed all the way in on both phones, the iPhone 7 dual cameras allowed us to push in further, and it also captured slightly warmer colors. It’s also worth noting that only the iPhone has a true 2x optical zoom.

Winner: iPhone 7 Plus

Overall Winner

Credit: Samuel Rutherford/Tom's GuideCredit: Samuel Rutherford/Tom's Guide

Overall, the LG G6 proved to be the better camera. The iPhone 7 Plus fared well in some shots, and it tends to offer more realistic colors. It also offered good detail indoors.

However, the G6 produced more detailed images outdoors, as well as warmer, more saturated colors, which is more pleasing to the eye. You get higher-resolution images and a camera that handles highlights better, too.

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