Haven Digital Lock Offers Alternative to Padlock

Digital locks are all fine and well, but a thief can still simply pick the lock. The Haven Smart Lock takes home security a step forward while still folding in some digital smarts. This electronic lock, which can be unlocked from your smartphone, reinforces the door from the bottom up.

Haven was developed by a Nashville-based startup of the same name. The Haven Smart Lock is a black device that attaches below the door. Users attach it by drilling in two brackets. Haven then uses a reinforced accordion lift gate and torque servo motor to apply pressure to the bottom of the door, which is considered to be the strongest part of the door. The device can be locked or unlocked via the Haven app. Haven's built-in accelerometer can detect any excessive force used on the door. If the alarm is triggered, Haven can either inform its user about the activity, or sync with other home automation systems (such as lights) in order to scare off the attacker. 

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While the app does simplify security, an app is also easier to mimic and hack. The Haven designers claim they have coded the app to combat that. Users can create direct ties between their Haven and specified devices. That way, the Haven will only respond to your devices. The Haven can also be unlocked via an online access portal. If the power dies, the Haven has two backup batteries and reciprocal wireless components to make sure you can still communicate with your Haven. In emergencies, users can deactivate their Haven via a mechanical footplate on the back of the device.

The Haven designers are currently trying to raise $150,000 on Kickstarter to finish the project. Sixty backers can preorder one for $269. All other backers can get one for $299. The Haven designers expect to finish the project and ship out all Havens by August 2015.

The Haven device is a unique security device for protecting the home. By applying pressure to the back of the door, Haven makes it harder for other people to break down doors or padlocks. The app is a welcome addition for controlling home security, but we aren't sure how secure it is. All a thief has to do to bypass the Haven app is make a digital copy of someone's phone. For now, we'll keep our eye on this device and see where it goes. 

Chris Hutton
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