The Next Samsung Galaxy Could Be Gigantic

Samsung is working on a new Galaxy that could come with a gigantic screen and different look on the rear.

Credit: Ice Universe

(Image credit: Ice Universe)

Twitter user Ice Universe has published an image of what the person says, is the new Samsung SM-G8850. The smartphone will apparently come with a 6.3-inch screen, he said on Twitter, and will have a varied camera design on the back to differentiate it from Samsung's Galaxy S9 line. 

As Gordon Kelly at Forbes, who earlier reported on the Ice Universe report, said, that essentially means that the G8850 is a slightly redesigned Galaxy S9+ with a flat screen instead of a curved display. It also comes with a variation on the design on the back.

There's a dual camera array on the rear of the image Ice Universe published. However, unlike the Galaxy S9+ and other Samsung handsets, that vertically aligned camera array is in the top corner. A flash sits underneath the cameras and to the right, towards the top-middle of the smartphone's rear case, you'll find a fingerprint sensor.

By separating the camera and the fingerprint sensor, it would be far more difficult to smudge the rear camera lens — something Galaxy S owners have been complaining about for the last couple of years.

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Rumors have been swirling that Samsung is working on a new device that is neither the Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy Note 9. The Ice Universe leak is the latest report that the device will come with a flat screen and dual camera. What we don't know, however, is what it'll actually be called when it's released.

On the inside, the SM-G8850 has been tapped to ship with high-end processors, like the 2.8GHz Exynos 9810, suggesting that it'll be a flagship option of some sort. It also appears to have the thin bezel design we've come to expect from Samsung's latest smartphones.

Ultimately, we'll need to keep a close eye on this one to see exactly what Samsung has planned. Pricing and release date information have not been announced.

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