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Leaked Galaxy X Patents Tease Multi-Screen Features

Samsung has confirmed it's working on the foldable Galaxy X smartphone and said that it's coming this year. And now some newly leaked patents have shed light on what it might look like and how it might work.

Credit: Samsung/SamMobile

(Image credit: Samsung/SamMobile)

Several Samsung patents have been published that describe how the company envisions its foldable smartphones. The first, which was obtained by SamMobile, shows a handset that appears to have a hinge in the middle and two screens above and below it. The screens can interact with one another or operate independently, it seems, and will all run on the same software.

According to SamMobile, the other patents center on foldable screens coming with different aspect ratios than traditional handsets that have 16:9 or 18:9 aspect ratios. To address that, Samsung has developed multi-window software features that ensure content can fit across both screens or on one without being distorted, according to the patent.

The other Samsung patents focus mainly on design concepts. One of them shows a device that's capable of being folded over and surprisingly small. When you stretch it out, the handset comes with a long screen that appears to be taller than the company's Galaxy S8 and Galaxy Note 8. When the handset is folded, there's still an accessible screen, so you can see what's on the device.

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Interestingly, the final Samsung patent takes aim at a full-screen device that eliminates all bezels. That patent, which also eschews the notch you'd find in Apple's iPhone X, includes an action button at the bottom that could be used to activate Bixby. It also appears to come with a virtual fingerprint sensor component — something Samsung so far hasn't been able to get to work.

Rumors have been circulating for years over what Samsung has planned for its upcoming Galaxy X. There are some claims that the handset would come with a foldable screen and others that say it'll be a rollable display that can extend from smartphone size to tablet size.

Whether any of the designs in the patents come to the handset, however, is unknown. Samsung, like other big companies, files for patents all the time.