Roaches Love PS4s: How to Keep Them Out

It's an almost accepted truth that modern games ship with bugs, but that doesn't mean your PS4 needs to be infested with creepy crawlies.

A new report suggests that the Sony console can be a magnet for roaches, which can seriously screw up your gaming. But don't fret, there is a solution.

Don't let your PS4 turn into a roach funeral parlor. Credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Don't let your PS4 turn into a roach funeral parlor. Credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide)

According to a Kotaku story, independent console repair stores have noticed a pandemic of roach-infested PS4s. It's gotten so bad that some stores have an established "roach fee" and others claim half of the PS4s they receive to repair are chock-full of these tiny creeps.

Why is that the case? Well, the Xbox One can attract bugs too, but they seem to be more drawn PS4s for a few reasons. Primarily, consoles can attract bugs because they're often kept inside of home entertainment centers, and provide the kind of dark, warm environment that insects prefer.

Also, the PS4's ventilation openings are wider, making it easy for roaches to get up in there. And the PS4 is extra attractive for bugs thanks to its internal power supply, as older Xbox One units use an external brick. The Xbox One S also uses internal power, however, so be warned.

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This becomes a serious problem for gamers when fried roaches stuck inside of these piping hot consoles tend to break that hot internal power supply, making the PS4 incapable of turning on.

So, what can you do?

To make your PS4 less attractive to roaches, keep it out in a well-lit, open area, so it can fully disperse heat. Secondly, keep the console off of your floor, and as high up as possible, making it harder to reach.

Keeping your home clean couldn't hurt either.

Sony reportedly doesn't repair these kinds of infested PS4s. We've reached out to the company for comment, and will update this story if we find out more.

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  • Tech_TTT
    Err... we all have open box PC and we dont see Roaches inside...

    This Article should be about Dirty homes , not about Roaches.
  • Daekar3
    Clean your damn house. If there are roaches in your PS4, there are probably roaches in your PC, under your fridge, and everywhere else - this isn't a PS4 problem, this is a Momma-always-did-my-cleaning-for-me problem.