NuraLoop are Ridiculously Smart Earphones That Adapt to Your Hearing

The makers of Nuraphone, headphones that adapt to your hearing, are back with NuraLoop, a brand-new set of earphones that cut down on the bulk but retain all the smart functionality of their over-ear sibling. 

In our Nuraphone review we thought they were fantastic headphones with one problem: they were way too bulky to wear all day, everyday. Nuraphone is hoping to combat this with NuraLoop. Announced at CES 2019, these are a pair of in-ears that still have the ability to automatically learn and adapt to your hearing. 

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This is all done through the Nuraphone app. It takes a few minutes but once setup, the earphones have a sound profile that fits your ear and will adapt to the music you are listening to accordingly.

The earphones aren't truely wireless, they have a cord that's attached to the earbuds. But they are water resistant, use Bluetooth 5, have active noice canceling on board and a reported all-day battery life. They have also been given a TouchDial mechanism that allows you to change the volume, take calls etc. 

There is also something called Social+ built into the earphones. Turn this on and you will be able to hear the outside world without having to take off your earphones.

There aren't many more details about NuraLoop, and pricing and release date is still unknown. But if they work as well as their (much) bigger bedfellow, which impressed us with its ability to adapt to our hearing, then we can't wait to try them on and drown out the CES madness. 

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