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Nokia Was the Largest Windows Phone Vendor in Q4 2011

The company is estimated to have shipped 900,000 Windows Phones in Q4 up from zero in Q3. Strategy Analytics believes that this number has good enough to capture a third of the Windows Phone market as all other suppliers managed to only ship a combined 1.8 million units.

“Nokia’s Microsoft smartphone growth during the quarter was achieved partly by capturing market share from HTC", said Tom Kang, Director at Strategy Analytics. "This is a challenging development for HTC because it is also losing ground to Samsung in the Android segment. HTC is now at risk of being caught in a pincer movement between two giants of Samsung in Android and Nokia in Microsoft, and HTC must move with urgency to address the problem.”

Market numbers provided by Nielsen recently indicated that Windows Phone 7.x has a market share of about 2.4 percent in the U.S.