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The My Little Pony that Took up Shop Class

This is one magical little pony that isn't powered by rainbows or sunshine. The lovably-named Sparkles sports a strange steampunk unicorn horn that gives it the power to miraculously weld electronic components together. Ok, it's not really that strange, considering that it's a standard soldering gun poking out from its little pony head.

This My Little Pony soldering gun hails from Crashspace, a hackerspace based in LA. It was initially conceptualized by Sean Bonner, and brought to pastel-colored reality by his co-Crashspacer Matt Pittner. It may look fun and frivolous, but hey, it's a working soldering iron, so it does have some utility. One just has to wonder though, how many people are actually into both girly fairy ponies and electronics to warrant making Sparkles in the first place?

[source: Crashspace via Nerd Approved]