LG G6+ vs LG G6: What's the Difference?

LG is taking a cue from its smartphone rival Samsung and releasing a Plus version of its leading flagship phone. Expect more capacity and better audio from the LG G6+ — if the phone reaches the US.

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(Image credit: LG)

LG may have tacked on a plus to this version of the G6, but there's nothing plus-sized about the new phone. It features the same 5.86 x 2.83 x 0.31-inch frame housing the same extra-wide 5.7-inch display found on the LG G6 that debuted earlier this year.

Other specs, including the Snapdragon 821 processor, the dual 13-megapixel rear cameras and support for HDR content, should be the same as well.

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PhoneLG G6LG G6+
Display (inches)2880 x 1440 (5.7 inches)2880 x 1440 (5.7 inches)
CPUSnapdragon 821Snapdragon 821
AudioHi-Fi Audio Recorder32-bit Hi-Fi Quad DAC

What's different is the onboard storage included with the G6+. The new phone will offer 128GB of storage, a considerable step up from the 32GB you'll find on the G6.

The G6+ will also feature a 32-bit hi-fi quad DAC for improved audio. That feature is actually available in the Korean version of the G6, so LG will be bringing it to more markets. LG says the G6+ will ship with earphones from B&O Play that can showcase the phone's higher-resolution audio.

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There's no pricing or availability set on the G6+, and an LG spokesperson declined to provide further details on a U.S. launch date for the phone.

If it does arrive in the U.S., the G6+ will come in new colors — Optical Astro Black, Optical Marine Blue and Optical Terra Gold. According to LG, this color scheme features a lenticular film on the back of the phone to create an optical effect.

The LG G6 is currently available in black and platinum, though LG says that Optical Marine Blue and Terra Gold options will soon be available, too.

The LG G6 is about to get new features via a software update. (Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide)

(Image credit: The LG G6 is about to get new features via a software update. (Credit: Sam Rutherford/Tom's Guide))

Those aren't the only changes planned for the existing G6. LG is releasing a software update later this summer to bolster the features on its current flagship.

The most interesting feature coming via the software update is Face Print, which will let you unlock the G6 just by holding up the phone to your face. LG says unlocking takes less than a second and doesn't require you to push any buttons.

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A Covered Lens feature that's part of the software update will be a welcome addition if you make use of the G6's cameras. It will issue a warning before you click the shutter if one of your fingers has strayed into the shot — something that can happen given the wide angle lens that's part of the G6's dual-camera setup.

Finally, a Low Power Consumption feature is coming to the LG G6 that's supposed to work with third-party apps to eek out more battery life from the phone. That will be a welcome improvement since the G6 produced only average results on our battery test, lagging behind longer-lasting phones like the Galaxy S8.

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