How to Set Up the LG G6’s Fingerprint Sensor

LG has again gone with a rear-facing fingerprint sensor for the G6, though it has a pretty good reason since the phone’s 5.7-inch display takes up most of its front. That fingerprint sensor on the back lets you unlock your G6 and make mobile payments with Android Pay. Apps from both LG and other developers tap into this security feature as well.

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That’s why you’ll want to setup the fingerprint sensor once you get your hands on a new G6. Here’s how to add and remover a fingerprint.

1. Go to the Quick Settings menu by swiping down from the top of the G6’s screen.

2. Tap the Settings Cog.

3. Select Fingerprints & Security; then tap Fingerprints.

4. Tap Add a Fingerprint.

5. You’ll be prompted to place your finger on the power button. Follow the instructions to register that fingerprint.

You can then press OK if you just want to add one fingerprint. You can also press Add More if you plan on using additional fingerprints to unlcok your phone. (It can be useful for time when you hold the phone in a different hand, for example.) Should you add multiple fingerprints, you may want to change the names to keep track of which fingers they came from.

From the Fingerprints screen, touch the name of the fingerprint. At the prompt, type in a different name.

You can also remove fingerprints that you’ve added. The Fingerprints screen lists all the ones you’ve created. Touch the trash can icon next to the fingerprint you want to remove.

That Fingerprints screen also controls some security options. By default, you use the fingerprint sensor for screen lock. But you can also turn on a Content Lock feature to add secure access to the Gallery and QuickMemo+ apps.

1. Touch the toggle on Content Lock.

2. You’ll be prompted to set a password or draw a content lock pattern as an additional security step.

3. In the QuickMemo+ app, any notes that you lock can be viewed by selecting the overflow menu at the top right.

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  • Jeff_145
    The problem with this is that you can't use a 3rd party lock screen app with the fingerprint sensor because the G6 doesn't let you setup a fingerprint without enabling the system lock screen!!