New Phone 11 Design Renders Look Pretty Awful

The alleged iPhone 11 looks terrible in shiny hero renders and in concept videos. But looking at this new render by Ben Geskin, it could be even fuglier in real life.

These models of the iPhone 11 show an unsightly triple rear camera patch that takes up a lot of room. Credit: Ben Geskin

(Image credit: These models of the iPhone 11 show an unsightly triple rear camera patch that takes up a lot of room. Credit: Ben Geskin)

The renders — which show the purported triple cameras — leave no doubt. The design is terrible, with that oversized patch so close to the Apple logo. It’s specially annoying how it’s so close to both the Apple and the vertical center line. It’s yet another case of bad alignment choice.

With the three holes and the flash this thing is two holes short of firing up my trypofobia. The entire thing just doesn’t make any sense.

Apparently we are not the only people thinking this. Geskin’s Twitter thread is full of negative comments about the patch and the oversized camera holes.

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The iPhone 11 — or whatever it’s name is — will also have another front design with a giant notch, even while everyone in the industry has fortunately abandoned that design.

It's good to see that Apple seems to be taking photography seriously, as the iPhone has fallen behind the Pixel 3, Huawei P30 Pro and the Galaxy S10 (at least in some situations).

An earlier Bloomberg report said that the "third camera on the back of the 2019 iPhone would capture a larger field of view and enable a wider range of zoom." The report says that the next iPhone will capture more pixel and "automatically repair a video or photo to fit in a subject that may have been accidentally cut off."

But with prices starting at one aluminum display base — the look of the iPhone 11 could be a disaster. Which is why we very much hope that this is not the final design.

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Jesus Diaz

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