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Huawei Foldable Phone Coming This Month at MWC

We now know that we’re going to see at least one foldable phone at Mobile World Congress this month. Huawei just published a tease for its upcoming device, all but confirming that the folding phone will appear at the mobile phone vent in Barcelona.

The image tweeted by Huawei today (Feb. 1) shows the corner of a foldable phone with the title “Connecting the future” over it.

The phone looks to have the foldable display on the outside. This matches the description of the “finished product” from witnesses at a Huawei private event in China, celebrated back in November. Last month, Huawei also said that its foldable device would offer 5G connectivity.

The outer-display approach hinted at in Huawei's teaser is the same as the Royole Flexpai foldable, but different from other foldable phones we have seen so far. The Samsung Galaxy F has its flexible display inside, with an extra screen on the front. The Xiaomi foldable also has the display on the outside, but it has two folds, rather than one.

Huawei’s Mobile World Congress event is set for Feb. 24 at 2 p.m. CET, the day before the mobile trade show officially starts.