How to Use the LG G6's Gesture Shot for Photos

Taking a selfie can be a challenge. You’re trying to hold that smile, squeeze in anyone else who’s in the shot, and somehow trigger the shutter without losing your grip on your phone.

With the G6, Lg thinks it might have found the solution with a feature known as gesture shot. With it, you can make a movement with your hand to fire off the pictures.

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Here’s how to make the most of this feature.

1. Launch the camera.

2. Change the camera view to switch to selfie mode.

3. Be sure that you are in the viewfinder. Then hold up your hand with an open palm. A box will appear on the screen detecting your palm. Close your fist once to take a single photo.

4. To take four photos, quickly open and close your fist twice. You’ll get a countdown as the camera takes the series of four photos.

If making hand gesture isn’t your thing, there’s another option.

1. Head back to the Settings in the camera mode — it’s the gear icon — and select Selfie Shot.

2. Under Selfie Shot, select Auto shot.

3. Return to the camera. Position yourself for a selfie, and the camera will identify your position and take a selfie using a countdown.

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