How to Get the Fortnite Galaxy Skin

Fortnite isn't just a battle royale game — it's a skin-selling machine. Kind of like Altered Carbon on Netflix. You buy skins and wear them.

Credit: Epic Games

(Image credit: Epic Games)

Is it morbid? Yes. But it's also elitist, as not all skins are created equal in Fortnite. Enter the Galaxy skin, which is available only to those with a Galaxy Note 9 or Galaxy Tab S4.

Should you own one of these two devices (or have a pal who's willing to let you use their device to sign into your Fortnite account), simply log into your Fortnite account and you'll have access to the skin. It's that simple!

Note that once you've claimed the Galaxy skin on your Samsung device, you should be able to use it on any platform you have your Epic account linked to.

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It's a pretty cool skin that makes you look like a cosmic vagabond, complete with overgrown hair, world-weary eyebrows and, oh, yeah, an entire galaxy swirling inside your body. Said galaxy adjusts depending on the camera angle you view the costume at, meaning you can spend entire stretches in Fortnite just playing with yourself in a corner to see all the unique aesthetics of the premium skin.

Lauded Fortnite streamer Ninja has already gotten a chance to use the skin on a live server, thanks to Samsung sending him a very special supply crate that likely required an unjustifiable amount of resources and labor to produce. Alas, the things we do for Fortnite. You can see the skin in action in a video posted to Ninja's YouTube channel.

Forbes columnist Paul Tassi decided to call Samsung's support team in order to deduce whether the Galaxy skin might someday become available to Fortnite players without a Note 9 or Tab S4. Though the "language barrier," as he put it, presented a bit of an issue, it seems his detective work paid off. All hints point to the idea that the skin will become available for all Samsung users, eventually.

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