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Foldable Galaxy X Coming in Early 2019 with Very Big Price

We already know that Samsung is working on a foldable smartphone. Now the Wall Street Journal is confirming Samsung's folding phone plans and adding a few more details on what to expect from the device when it ships next year.

It looks like it's going to be huge. And that includes the price.

Galaxy X concept (Credit:

(Image credit: Galaxy X concept (Credit:

Citing people familiar with the phone, the Journal reports that the foldable phone will have a 7-inch screen that folds in half. That contradicts a previous rumor about the phone, which claimed the phone would leave some of the screen exposed when folded so that it could display the time and incoming calls. Instead, the Journal's sources say the phone will include a small display bar on the front when folded; cameras will be on the back of the phone.

The Journal doesn't mention what the phone will be called, other than to note that its internal code name is Winter. It's widely expected that the phone will be called the Galaxy X.

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Rumors about Samsung's foldable phones have been circulating for years, with the actual release date repeatedly pushed back. (When Samsung executives confirmed they were developing a foldable phone earlier this year, the plan was to release the phone in 2018.)

The Journal says the phone will be introduced "early next year," which squares with other reports about the Galaxy X. Those rumors have Samsung unveiling the Galaxy X during February's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Expect a small scale rollout for the phone, according to the Journal, with Samsung initially targeting niche markets. (The Journal specifically names mobile gaming as a potential focus.) A wider commercial debut could follow in the second half of 2019, the Journal says, if the phone is well received.

One sticking point could be the price on the Galaxy X. The Journal reports a price that might top $1,500 and "would probably be steeper than that."

Considering that ZTE's foldable Axon M launched at $725 and it hasn't exactly set the world on fire, it's hard to see consumers flocking en masse to a phone that costs twice as much as that, even one that carries Samsung's branding.

Obviously, plenty can change between now and when the foldable Samsung phone appears next year. Expect more details to emerge as we get closer to the rumored introduction date.

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