Help Me, Tom's Guide! Should I Get a Galaxy S8 or S8+?

Samsung now makes the two best smartphones money can buy in the Galaxy S8 and S8+, but which one is right for you?

Over in our Forums, Frenzalrhomb writes:

"The one question I can't see addressed in any reviews is: How does the S8 compare to the Galaxy S7 Edge in size? Would it feel like a step down/too small? Comparatively, how does the S8+ feel vs. the S7 Edge? Is it too big/cumbersome to hold?"

Glad you asked! Two staff members here at Tom's Guide, editor Sherri L. Smith and senior product reviews analyst Sam Rutherford, recently made Samsung's latest flagship their own. Here's why Sherri went with the bigger S8+ and Sam opted for the smaller and cheaper S8.

Why I got the S8+ - Sherri L. Smith

I have really long fingers, not Nosferatu-long, but still pretty freaking long. That's why I've always loved phablets; they don't make me feel like my fingers are enveloping some hapless device. So when it came time to choose between the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, it was a no-brainer.

While some of my colleagues have been complaining about the rear-mounted fingerprint scanner, that hasn't really been a problem for me. My index finger naturally rests in that position when I'm holding the phone. Granted, there have been a few times when I inadvertently hit the camera, but more often than not, my finger is in the right position.

Galaxy S8+

My other main reason for getting the S8+ is the battery life. Although our battery tests have shown that the S8's battery life is about a half hour shorter than that of the S8+, I want those additional minutes. Since I do a lot of work with the Gear VR, I want to make sure that I can stay in virtual space for as long as possible.

And lastly, I chose the S8+ because I get a kick out of people saying, "it's so big." Yep, I'm a child.

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Why I got the standard S8 - Sam Rutherford

This was a decision I agonized about for a week before making up my mind. In the end, it came down to the fact that the smaller, 5.8-inch Galaxy S8 feels like it was made for my hand. I don't have to stretch and strain to reach the fingerprint sensor in back or the to pull down the notification tray in front. And when I slip the phone into my left hip pocket, the device simply disappears, unlike the S8+, which constantly reminds me it's there.

Yes, the S8+ has slighter longer battery life and a significantly larger display, but as someone upgrading from a 2-year-old phone with deteriorating battery and a 5.1-inch screen, I'm already getting more display real estate and longevity than I was hoping for. And I'd rather not go any bigger if it means living with a device that feels awkward and unwieldy. Oh, and that Benjamin I saved by not getting the S8+ is pretty nice too.

Galaxy S8

Compared to the S7 Edge, the standard S8 is narrower and shorter, despite offering a bigger overall screen, which for me, makes the phone easier to use. If you want an explanation on why I ponied up $750 of my own money for the S8 instead of any other phone on the market, check out the full story here.

Credit: Jeremy Lips/Tom's Guide

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